Vicente Rama

| July 7, 2011

Vicente Rama

Born in Cebu City on the 6th of June 1887 and died on the 24th of December  1956. Fictionist.

He studied at the Seminario-Colegio de San Carlos in Cebu, 1904-1908, and finished law at the Escuela de Derecho, 1908-1910, in Manila. After his studies, he actively engaged in writing and politics. He served as Cebu councilor, 1916-1917; Cebu congressman for three terms, 1922-1931; member of the first national assembly, 1935; Cebu City mayor, 1939-1940; and senator, 1941, a position to which he was reelected after WWII. While in Congress, he authored Commonwealth Act No 58 (20 Oct 1936), creating the City of Cebu—for which he earned the name of “Father of the City Charter.”

Rama began publishing in 1906. He was a staff member of El Precursor, 1908; edited Kauswagan, 1912-1914; and founded Nueva Fuerza/Bag-ong Kusog, 1915-1941, a major Cebuano periodical. Among his major works are two short-story collections, Larawan (Portrait), 1921, and Aegri Somnia, 1922; the novels Sa Bung-aw sa mga Kasal-anan (On the Face of Sin), 1933-1934, which appeared in Bag-ong Kusog, and Ang Silot ni Bathala (God’s Punishment), 1948; and a drama adaptation of Jose Rizal’s novel.

Source: Compilation of Cebuano Writers – CSCL


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