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| September 22, 2020

1899 Col. Simon Snyder, commanding the American force in Cebu, drives back Cebuano insurgents from trenches southwest of the city. The Americans capture seven gun emplacements and about 40 Cebuanos. 1922 Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo visits Pardo, Cebu, on the occasion of its fiesta.

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| September 21, 2020

1944 The Osmeña family (including the president’s wife and Sergio Osmeña Jr.), fearing imminent Japanese arrest, flees from Manila in a plan to cross over to guerilla territory and seek sanctuary with Col. Russell W. Volckmann’s until in Northern Luzon. The family finally crosses over to safety on October 30. 1972 President Ferdinand E. Marcos […]

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| September 20, 2020

The Magellan expedition sets sail from Sanlucar de Barrameda in Spain on a voyage that was to lead to the Spanish arrival in Cebu and the “discovery” of the Philippines. 1867 Franciscan Benito Romero de Madridejos y del Rosario is appointed as 17th Bishop of Cebu. 1907 Twenty miles of railtracks, operated by the Philippine […]

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| September 19, 2020

1905 Maj. Charles G. Morton assumes command of the U.S. Garrison in Cebu, succeeding Maj. Omar Bundy. 1930 Death of Dr. Arlington Pond, prominent American official and resident of pre-war Cebu. 1934 The first issue of Lungsoranon, Catholic periodical founded by Archbishop Gabriel M. Reyes, comes off the press.

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| September 18, 2020

1847 A royal establishes Oslob, Cebu, as a parish. Its patron is the Inmaculada Concepcion de Nuestra Señora. 1906 Birth in Calbayog, Samar, of Cebu Archbishop, then Cardinal, Julio R. Rosales. 1963 Mario D. Ortiz becomes Acting Mayor of Cebu City, succeeding Carlos J. Cuizon. Ortiz remains mayor until December 31, 1963.

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| September 17, 2020

1612 Augustinian Pedro de Arce is appointed as the 2nd Bishop of Cebu. 1935 The first elections under the new Philippine Constitution are held. Manuel L. Quezon and Sergio Osmeña are elected president and vice-president, respectively. 1961 The new City of Danao is inaugurated pursuant to Republic Act No. 3028 passed on June 7, 1961.

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| September 16, 2020

1907 Second-class train coaches begin to run the Danao-Cebu railroad operated by the Philippine Railway Co. 1965 Carlos J. Cuizon acting mayor of Cebu City, succeeding Sergio Osmeña, Jr. Cuizon remains mayor until December 31, 1967.

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| September 15, 2020

Fiesta of Ronda, Cebu 1862 A Bishop’s decree confirms the erection of Borbon, Cebu, as a parish. 1890 Alcoy, Cebu, is established as a separate parish. 1897 Don Adolfo Montero arrives in Cebu to assume the position of Governor of Cebu. He succeeds Gen. Celestino Tejero. 1900 Residents of Asturias, Cebu, file a formal protest […]

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| September 14, 2020

1850 A decree of the Bishop confirms the establishment of Pinamungahan, Cebu, as a parish.

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| September 13, 2020

1905 The Philippine Commission passes Public Act No. 1395 providing for the remission of the land tax for the year 1905 in Pinamungahan, Asturias, and Consolacion which have been attacked by the Pulahanes and put to the torch. 1957 Ramon Duterte becomes Acting Mayor of Cebu City, succeeding Sergio Osmeña, Jr. Duterte remains in this […]

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