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| August 31, 2022

1665 Fr. Juan Lopez formally assumes the position of Bishop of Cebu. 1829 The Dagohoy rebellion of Bohol comes to an end. Cebuanos had participated in the Spanish suppression of the Boholano rebels.

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| August 30, 2022

Fiesta of Alcoy, Cebu 1595 Augustinian Pedro de Agurto is appointed as Bishop of Cebu, the first to serve in this position. 1969 Mandaue is elevated to the status of a Charter City.

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| August 29, 2022

Fiesta of Daan Bantayan 1740 Protasio Cabezas of the secular clergy is appointed the 9th Bishop of Cebu.

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| August 28, 2022

Fiesta of Alcantara, Cebu Fiesta of Carmen, Cebu 1945 Lt. Gen. Tadashu Kataoka, commander of the Japanese 1st Division, surrenders his troops to Gen. William Arnold, Americal Division commander, in field rites held at Kilometer 82 in northeastern Cebu (in the vicinity of Borbon). This marks the end of the Japanese occupation in Cebu. 1956 […]

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| August 27, 2022

1903 One of the early leaders of the Aglipayan movement in Cebu, Fr. Vicente P. Escalante, parish priest of Daan Bantayan, makes a formal retraction before Bishop Martin Alcocer in Manila. He signs the retraction on bended knees before the bishop and two witnesses.

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| August 26, 2022

1825 A Bishop’s decree confirms the establishment of Badian, Cebu, as a parish. It is separated from the jurisdiction of Barili. 1963 Col. James M. Cushing, leader of the Cebu resistance against the Japanese, dies after a heart attack on board an interisland vessel between Palawan and Mindoro. He dies a poor man at the […]

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| August 25, 2022

1949 Mons. Gabriel M. Reyes of Cebu is raised as Archbishop-Coadjutor of Manila with the right of succession to Archbishop Dougherty.

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| August 24, 2022

1896 The Philippine Revolution begins. In a secret assembly of the Katipunan held in the Manila suburb of Balintawak, a decision is reached to start a general uprising against Spain.

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| August 23, 2022

1844 A royal decree establishes Liloan as a parish. This is confirmed by a decree of the Bishop on Jan. 27, 1845. 1903 American Thomas H. Hendrick is consecrated as Bishop of Cebu. 1951 Sergio Osmeña, Jr., at the age of 34, launches his political career with a ringing speech at Plaza Independencia and the […]

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| August 22, 2022

Fiesta of Minglanilla, Cebu 1903 Birth in Escalante, Negros Occidental, of Cebuano writer and newspaperman Napoleon Dejoras (1903-1972). 1905 Secretary of War William H. Taft, with a party of high American officials, visits Cebu in the course of an inspection tour. 1963 A degree of the Cebu Archbishop divides the Santo Rosario parish into two […]

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