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| November 11, 2019

1923 “Academia Visaya,” and association of Cebuano-Language enthusiasts led by Elpidio S. Rama and Paulino R. Sanchez, is founded.   1941 Manuel L. Quezon and Sergio Osmeña are reelected President and Vice-President of the Commonwealth, respectively.   1947 The first post-war elections bring to the Cebu municipal board, Florencio Urot, Florentino Tecson, Jose Briones, Eulogio […]

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| November 10, 2019

1907 Birth in Cebu, Cebu, of Manuel Cuenco, Governor of Cebu.   1953 Ramon Magsaysay is elected President of the Philippines, succeeding Elpidio Quirino.   1959 Elections bring to the Cebu municipal board Florencio Urot, Osmundo Rama, Nazario Pacquiao, Raymundo Crystal, Eulogio Borres, Juan Zamora, Luis Diores, Mario Ortiz, and Jesus Gabuya.

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| November 9, 2019

1859 A Bishop’s decree confirms the establishment of the parish of Pilar in Camotes Island.   1903 Thomas Augustine Hendrick of the secular clergy is appointed as the 19th (and first American) Bishop of Cebu.   1945 The first issue of Cebu Courier, published and edited by Cornelio Faigao and Greg Mercado, comes out.

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| November 8, 2019

1955 The first general elections for Cebu City Mayor and Vice-Mayor are held under Republic Act No. 1243. Elected is Sergio Osmeña, Jr., and Ramon Duterte as Mayor and Vice-Mayor, respectively. Elected councilors are Casimiro Madarang, Joaquin Panis, Carlos Cuizon, Osmundo Rama, Florencio Urot, Ceferina del Rosario, Pedro Clavano, Generoso Jaca, and Cecilio de la […]

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| November 7, 2019

1568 The Portuguese siege of Cebu continues. A Portuguese force of four galleons, four galiots and two fustas has arrived in Cebu on October 2. When the Spaniards refused to heed the Portuguese demand to leave Cebu, the Portuguese blockaded the Cebu harbor and laid a siege that was to last until January 1, 1569.

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| November 6, 2019

1901 Bishop Thomas A. Hendrick takes formal possession of the Cebu diocese.   1934 Constitutional Convention delegate Filemon Sotto reports the first draft of the Philippine Constitution to the convention for its consideration.

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| November 5, 2019

1863 A royal decree is promulgated to exempt the export of refined sugar from duties. This is one of the moves of the Spanish government to promote the sugar industry. At this time, Cebu is one of the leading centers of sugar cultivation in the country.

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| November 4, 2019

1896 Birth in Talibon, Bohol, of the Cebuano post who became President of the Philippines, Carlos P. Garcia (1896-1971).   1898 Birth in Pondol, Balamban, of Hilario C. Moncado, founder of the Filipino Federation of America.

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| November 3, 2019

1784 A Bishop’s decree confirms the establishment of Samboan, Cebu, as a parish under the patronage of San Miguel Arcangel. Samboan was created as a parish by royal orders on January 28, 1780. At one time it was under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of Tanjay, Negros Oriental.

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| November 2, 2019

All Souls’ Day   1816 The Carreta Hospital, otherwise known as the Hospital de Lazarinos, is founded by Bishop Joaquin Encabo de Sopetran and put under the charge of the Recolleto.   1835 A Bishop’s decree confirms the erection of Catmon, Cebu, as a parish. It is separated from the jurisdiction of Danao.

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