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| March 19, 2020

Fiesta of San Francisco, Cebu 1954 The Salesian Society of Don Bosco is established in Cebu City.

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| March 18, 2020

1957 Carlos P. Garcia of Bohol is formally sworn in as President of the Philippines after the tragic death of Ramon Magsaysay in a plane crash in Central Cebu.

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| March 17, 2020

1957 President Ramon Magsaysay dies in the tragic crash of presidential plane “Mount Pinatubo” in Manunggal Mountain in Central Cebu. Other fatalities include Senator Tomas Cabili and Congressman Pedro Lopez. Carlos P. Garcia assumes the Philippine presidency.

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| March 16, 2020

1906 Birth in Naga, Cebu, of Cebuano writer and labor leader Florentino D. Tecson (1906-1962). He also served as Cebu City Vice-Mayor. 1949 Julio R. Rosales of the secular clergy is appointed as the 2nd Archbishop (and 22nd Bishop) of Cebu.

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| March 15, 2020

1905 A big fire levels Cebu’s commercial district, damage is placed at 1.7 million pesos. 1952 Sergio Osmeña, Sr., receives the Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, from the University of Southern Philippines. He delivers a speech on the value of education in national development.

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| March 14, 2020

1899 Lt. Col. Thomas H. Hamer is assigned as the first American military governor of Cebu. Cebu is designated as a subdistrict under the Department of the Visayas with headquarters in Iloilo. On this day, the Americans also establish in what is now Freedom Park the Post of Cebu, later called Warwick Barracks. 1902 Birth […]

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| March 13, 2020

1898 On this day (and the whole month of March), the Katipunan is busy clandestinely recruiting members in Cebu, especially among seamen and the workers of Smith-Belle. Among the Katipunan organizers are Anastacio Oclinario, Mariano Hernandez, and Florencio Gonzales.

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| March 12, 2020

Fiesta of Ginatilan, Cebu 1946 President Sergio Osmeña creates the National Urban Planning Commission to coordinate the reconstruction and development of urban areas throughout the Philippines.

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| February 28, 2020

1922 A strong earthquake hits Cebu and destroys, among others, the tile roofing of the San Nicolas Church.

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| February 27, 2020

1866 Birth in Ermita, Manila, of Alejandro Ruiz, who represented Cebu for several terms in the Philippine Assembly. 1919 Birth in Danao, Cebu, of Alejandro D. Almendras, who became Danao Governor, Cabinet Member, and Philippine Senator. 1945 Gen. Douglas MacArthur turns over the civil government of the Philippines to Commonwealth President Sergio Osmeña, Sr.

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