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May 19

| May 19, 2024

1885 Birth in Carmen, Cebu, of Jose Ma. Cuenco (1885-1972), publisher, writer and churchman. Cuenco served as Archbishop of Jaro in Iloilo. 1893 Spain issues a decree, known as the Maura Law, reforming municipal governments in the provinces of Luzon and the Visayas. This is the most important single place of Spanish legislation touching on […]

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May 18

| May 18, 2024

1958 Death of Matias H. Aznar II, prominent Cebu educator.

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May 17

| May 17, 2024

1942 At 9:00 in the morning, near the road to Toledo, Gen. Bradford G. Chynoweth, commander of the Visayas Force of the USAFFE, surrenders to the Japanese Army. With Chynoweth are members of his staff.

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May 16

| May 16, 2024

Fiesta of Moalboal, Cebu Fiesta of San Remigio, Cebu 1565 Miguel Lopez de Legazpi issues a proclamation in Cebu prohibiting the opening and looting of native graves and burial places. This follows reports of the Spanish soldiers’ desecration of graves for the gold ornaments, porcelain ware, and other valuables buried with the dead in accordance […]

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May 15

| May 15, 2024

Fiesta of Tabogon, Cebu 1565 The image of the Santo Niño is formally enthroned. In a formal ceremony, it is taken to the house where it was found and then carried in a procession to a temporary chapel that was to evolve into the Santo Niño Church. 1872 Birth in Bogo, Cebu, of Celestino Rodriguez, […]

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May 14

| May 14, 2024

1904 The barrio of Zapatera in Cebu City (‘the focus of the Iglesia Filipina” in Cebu ) celebrates a fiesta marked by a demonstration of support for the Philippine Independent Church. Street arches bear inscriptions expressing support for Aglipay and denouncing the “Romanistas.” 1935 In a plebiscite, the Philippine Constitution is ratified by the Filipino […]

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May 13

| May 13, 2024

1697 Franciscan Miguel Bayot is appointed as the 6th Bishop of Cebu. 1891 Birth in Cebu, of Miguel Raffiñan, lawyer and Cebu congressman of the pre-war period (1916-22, 1931.)

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May 12

| May 12, 2024

1962 President Diosdado Macapagal changes the date of the celebration of Independence Day from July 4 to June 12.

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May 11

| May 11, 2024

1942 The Japanese command in Manila issues a communiqué, “At 9:30 o’clock on the evening of May 10, 1942, Major-General Sharp, commander-in-chief of the Visayas and Mindanao, swore an unconditional surrender of all troops under his command and gave the necessary orders to his troops.”

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May 10

| May 10, 2024

1894 Birth in Barili, Cebu, of Antonio M. Abad (1894-1970), writer and journalist in Spanish and Cebuano and winner of prizes in the Nobel Awards and the Commonwealth Literary Awards.

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