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| July 11, 2020

1949 In the course of a highly-charged political campaign, Nacionalista Party presidential candidate Jose P. Laurel is cut short in a public speech when gunfire disperses the crowd gathered at an NP rally in Plaza Independencia, Cebu City.

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| July 10, 2020

1900 The residents of Ronda, Cebu through their town council, register a formal protest against the American occupation of their town. 1934 Delegates to the Constitutional Convention are elected. The convention itself was to meet for its inaugural session in Manila on July 30, 1934.

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| July 9, 2020

1909 Death at the age of 48 of Mariano Albao Cuenco (1861-1909), publisher-writer and father of such prominent Cuencos as Mariano Jesus and Jose Maria. 1942 The first issue of Japanese organ Visayan Shinbun (1942-1944) comes out. Its editor is Napoleon Dejoras. 1961 Gen. Douglas MacArthur returns to Cebu City in the course of a […]

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| July 8, 2020

1863 Toledo is confirmed as a parish by a decree of the Bishop. Formerly called Jinulauan, it was established by the royal decree on February 24, 1863.

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| July 7, 2020

1892 A secret revolutionary society called Katipunan, with Andres Bonifacio as its leader, is founded. It aims to unite all Filipinos under a single ideology and achieve independence by means of revolution. 1903 Gregorio Aglipay arrives in Cebu City for his first visit as Obispo Maximo of the Philippine Independent Church. He is given a […]

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| July 6, 2020

1893 Birth in Bogo, Cebu, of Buenaventura Rodriguez, premier Cebuano playwright and Cebu Governor. 1906 Capt. Robert Maxey assumes command of the U.S. garrison in Cebu, succeeding Maj. Elias Chandler.

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| July 5, 2020

1900 The residents of Carmen, Cebu, represented by their jefe local (mayor) Victoriano Buot, file a formal protest against the American occupation of their town. 1945 Gen. Douglas MacArthur issues a proclamation announcing the “liberation” of the entire Philippines from the Japanese.

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| July 4, 2020

Philippine-American Friendship Day 1883 Birth in Cebu, Cebu, of Uldarico A. Alviola (1883-1966), prominent Cebuano writer and journalist. 1906 The parish of Opon is turned over to the Redemtorists by Fr. Vicente Roa, Opon parish priest, upon orders from Bishop Thomas Hendrick. 1920 The Elite, one of the most popular of pre-war Cebu restaurants, is […]

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| July 3, 2020

1856 A royal decree establishes Alegria, Cebu, as a parish, separating it from the jurisdiction of Malabuyoc. Its patron saint is San Francisco Javier.

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| July 2, 2020

1926 The bones of revolutionary hero Leon Kilat (Pantaleon Villegas) are exhumed in a cemetery in Carcar. They are transferred to Leon Kilat’s hometown of Bacong, Negros Oriental, upon representation of a citizens’ committee of Bacong.

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