Vision and Mission

The Cebuano Studies Center was established as part of the extension services of the university in 1975, to answer to the growing demand for research services in local history and vernacular literature.

The mission of CSC is to provide world-class resources for research on a diversity of Cebuano and Cebuano-related topics. It aims at creating new knowledge in Cebuano, at preserving the best of Cebuano culture and heritage and at extending the contributions of the University of San Carlos to research scholarship.

CSC engages the humanities and social sciences with a concentration on interdisciplinarity between and beyond disciplines. Through continuous semestral research deloading grants and external-funded projects it seeks to collect and disseminate research between Cebu and the world. Within USC, it works with the College of Arts and Sciences to support lectures, conferences, seminars and graduate studies (master’s and doctoral) at the highest level.

CSC welcomes visiting scholars who wish to conduct their researches on Cebu and encourages affiliation and collaboration with other national/international institutions.