The Center is open to the public and will service all scholars and researchers in the Cebuano Studies area.  It admits special affiliation with independent scholars and institutions here and abroad. In exchange for their research outputs and occasional lectures, the Center offers working space and a mailing address for affiliates doing lengthy research, as well as use of its facilities.

Since 1977, the Center has published the Research Aids Series consisting of bibliographic aids in Cebuano Studies including: Cebuano Literature (1975), Bibliography of Cebuano Linguistics (1977), Sergio Osmeña Bibliography 1978), Bibliography of Cebuano Folklore (1979) and History of Cebu:  Bibliographic Guide (1980). Computer print-outs are available of the updated guides in Cebuano folklore, literature, history, theater and the visual arts. Three special research aids are on Cebuano Cultural Systems, A Guide to Colon St. and The Visual Arts since 1950.

With a grant from the Catholic Mission Council in Cologne, W. Germany, it also initiated a Cebuano Folklore Series of child and adult education readers.  The following titles have been published: Cebuano Folktales 1  & 2 (1977) Cebuano  Folksongs 1 (1978), and Tigmo ug Sanglitanan/Cebuano Riddles and Proverbs (2003).

Two coffeetable books have been written by a team including both directors of the Center: Cebu: More than an Island (1997) for the Ayala Foundation and University of San Carlos: A Commemorative History (2005).