Laurean Unabia

| July 7, 2011


Laurean Unabia was born in Dansalan, Lanao del Sur, Mindanao on July 4, 1921. He had his undergraduate studies of A.B. English in the University of the Visayas, Cebu City. While he was working in Manila for the Manila Bulletin, he took up Law in FEU but reached only the third year.

Laurean Unabia used many pseudonyms because he was not allowed to join writing contest after several wins (his works were not accepted if they knew it was Laurean Unabia who wrote the piece). H.A. Pon and Augustus Tiber del Rio are the only pen names that his son could remember.

Laurean Unabia used the pen name H. A. Pon because his nickname in Minglanilla is Hapon. He got his nickname because he looked like a Japanese. In his other pen name, Augustus Tiber del Rio, he used Augustus because the town fiesta in Minglanilla is on August while Tiber is the name of the barangay of his hometown in Minglanilla.

He died on his way to Mangagoy, Mindanao on December 1, 1978 due to a bus accident.


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