The Cebuano Studies Center identifies its fields of expertise in: History and Ethnography; Literature and Biography; Popular and Expressive Culture; Folk Science; Language, Translation & Documentation; and Women’s Studies. Much of Center research in these areas has been done by the Center Director individually or with a team, some with funding from external sources. For example, the Center has engaged in three major projects funded by the Toyota Foundation: Documentation of Colonial Churches of Cebu, the publication of five volumes in a Cebuano Literary Anthology Series, and A Dictionary of Literary and Artistic Terms. It has also conducted several oral histories of Cebuanos who are considered living treasures, such as writers, businessmen, politicians, etc.

The Center has initiated researches which are published as separate items or reported in the Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society, the journal devoted to the humanities and social sciences published by USC.

A number of books based on Center research have also been published by academic presses in Manila.

For the faculty of the University of San Carlos, support for worthwhile researches is available through the Joseph Goertz Research Fellowship in Cebuano Studies.