Mga Ingkantohanon | Antonio Abasolo

| December 31, 2015

Mga Ingkantohanon

by Antonio Abasolo

Nardo is a tall, beautiful young man. Nardo was just new to that place where he heard a beautiful voice and felt uncanny. He ran when he noticed that the voice came nearer and nearer to him and got so scared. He sat down on a bench and an old man named Pasyo asked him if what happened to him but Nardo just nodded. The day after that Nardo told Pasyo what happened last night and then Pasyo told him a story about that place. The story goes like this: before, at the foot of the hills, a lot of girls used to take a bath there early in the morning but because as time passed a lot of people go there too and then those teens were just gone but there were stories that those teens play during full moon and sing with the alpa (bisaya) when Nardo was listening he felt uncanny because he’s heard there voices since he moved to that place. The day after that story telling Nardo was just wandering near the house of Pasyo, but because of Nardo’s curiosity he walked away from Pasyo’s house and followed the way and then that’s when he started hearing the voices and then near a lake or river Nardo saw a beautiful girl taking a bath named Linda and then Nardo went near her and when Linda saw him she ran away and took her towel to cover her naked body. Linda was looking at Nardo for a far and then she smirked and was gone. Nardo went home and can’t stop thinking about Linda even though he was scared his heart felt so warm. Nardo can’t go for tomorrow because he wanted to see Linda again and he asked himself if Pasyo’s story was true. Also, Linda couldn’t sleep either. One day Pasyo was walking and then after a while he heard the voice of a beautiful young lady and a boy Pasyo felt chills on his body. When Pasyo got nearer he was so shocked because he saw Nardo and Linda hugging each other while talking and then Pasyo went back on his way.

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Contributed by: Ramon Bernard Alivio & Rikki Mae Castro

Category: Pre-War Works