Si Imak, Awang, ug Mingga | Vicente Rama

| December 31, 2015

Si Imak, Awang, ug Mingga

by Vicente Rama

“Si Imak, Awang, ug Mingga” was still written under the pseudo name Datu Dakula, published in January 13, 1933. The story revolves around the three teenage girls named Imak, Awang and Mingga decided to go the feast of Señor Sto. Niño. Imak, being the leader of the group, planned the whole trip to the city. With the help of Sapyor Balas, who offered them transportation and who plans to do something shady to the girls, they reached the city and outwits Sapyor Balas’ advances by running off as soon as they reached the city. And also outwits the shady plan of Sapyor Bido who offered the girls a ride home.

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Contributed by: Raymari G. Lugsanay & April Joyce Natad

Category: Pre-War Works