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| August 21, 2022

1595 The Jesuits establish the Colegio de San Ildefonso, forerunner of the University of San Carlos. Prominent in its establishment are the Jesuit fathers Pedro Chirino and Gonzalo Pereira.

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| August 20, 2022

1572 An Ecce Homo image is discovered in a grave that is opened in Cebu. 1804 Augustinian Joaquin Encabo de la Virgen de Sopetran is appointed as 13th Bishop of Cebu. 1902 Col. Charles G. Penny assumes command of the U.S. garrison in Cebu, succeeding Lt. Col. Theodore F. Forbes.

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| August 19, 2022

1851 A Bishop’s decree confirms the establishment of Carmen, Cebu, as a parish. It is separated from the jurisdiction of Catmon and placed under the patronage of San Agustin Obispo y Doctor.

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| August 18, 2022

1921 The local newspaper, Bag-Ong Kusog, reports on a brewing controversy over the staging of the moro-moro play Gonzalo de Cordoba in the patio of San Nicolas Church. This develops into a war of Cebu newspapers and political parties (Nacionalistas and Democratas) over the value of the moro-moro as popular entertainment.

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| August 17, 2022

1907 The Philippine Commission passes Public Act No. 1688 providing funds for the completion of the Cebu-Toledo and Carcar-Barili roads. 1945 President Jose P. Laurel announces the dissolution of the Philippine Republic established during the Japanese occupation.

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| August 16, 2022

Fiesta of Cordova, Cebu   Fiesta of Asturias, Cebu   1742 A royal cedula is issued exempting the Cebuanos from payment of tribute in recognition of their help in Spanish pacification efforts.   1836 A Bishop decree confirms the erection of Talisay, as a parish under the patronage of Santa Teresa de Jesus.   1951 […]

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| August 15, 2022

1900 The residents of Talisay, Pardo, and Minglanilla, file separate formal protests against the American occupation of their town.   1905 Secretary of War William Howard Taft visits Cebu.

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| August 14, 2022

1569 In a document promulgated in Madrid, the Spanish King name Miguel Lopez de Legazpi “Governor and Captain General of the Island of Cebu and all the other settlements which you (Legazpi) or any other person whatsoever may hereafter make in the islands.”   1595 Pope Clement VII issues a bull dividing the Philippine see […]

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| August 12, 2022

1655 Fr. Juan Velez, Bishop of Cebu, takes formal possession of the diocese of Cebu.   1912 Birth of Popular Cebuano composer Domingo (Minggoy) Lopez.

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| August 12, 2022

1874 Birth in Barili, Cebu, of lawyer and Cebu representative to the Philippine Assembly Casiano Causin.   1900 The residents of Madridejos file a formal protest against the American occupation of their town.

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