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| May 2, 2021

1915 The first issue of Nueva Fuerza (1915-1941), published and edited by Vicente Rama, comes out. Its Cebuano section is called Bag-Ong Kusog. 1947 Death of Nicolas Rafols (1894-1947), Cebu congressman, poet and novelist.

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| April 30, 2021

1937 For the first time, Filipino women are allowed to vote. The occasion is a plebiscite on women’s suffrage.

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| April 29, 2021

1891 Birth in Cebu, Cebu, of Paulino Gullas (1891-1945), Cebu congress, and Constitutional Convention delegate of 1934, and founder of The Freeman. 1898 Birth in Bantayan, Cebu, of Paulino Ybañez, lawyer and representative of Cebu’s 7th district. 1966 Death of Uldarico A. Alviola (1883-1966), prominent Cebuano writer and journalist.

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| April 28, 2021

1565 In the afternoon of this day, a day after the arrival of the Legazpi expedition in Cebu, a Basque sailor named Juan de Camuz finds the image of the Santo Niño in an abandoned house in the port settlement of Cebu. 1934 The Diocese of Cebu is elevated to the status of an Archdiocese. […]

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| April 26, 2021

1888 “La Esperanza,” an economic association aimed at developing agriculture and commerce in Cebu, calls its first general meeting. Members are of Cebu’s economic elite: Buenaventura Veloso, Victoriano Osmeña, Pedro Cui, Francisco Llorente, Valeriano Climaco, Florentino Rallos, and others. 1930 The first issue of Babaye (1930-40), a Cebu magazine edited by Napoleon Dejoras, comes out. […]

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| April 25, 2021

1836 Talisay, Cebu, is established as a parish, an act confirmed by a Bishop’s decree on Aug. 16 of the same year. 1855 A royal decree establishes Daan Bantayan, Cebu, as a parish, A bishop’s decree confirms the establishment on Aug. 10, 1858.

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| April 24, 2021

1941 In the midst of fears of an imminent war, the National Assembly passes a bill requiring aliens in the Philippines to register and be finger-printed. The bill is aimed primarily at Japanese residents, a number of whom worked in Cebu as shopkeepers and gardeners.

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| April 22, 2021

1875 Birth in Carcar, Cebu, of Vicente Urgello, who served as congressman of the third district of Cebu in 1916-1922. 1891 Birth in Mandaue, Cebu, of Sotero B. Cabahug, congressman of Cebu and member of the Philippine Cabinet. 1917 The Partido Democrata is born with the fusion of the Partido Democrata and the Partido Progresista.

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| April 21, 2021

1956 A fire wipes out more than twenty blocks of residential homes and establishments in Cebu City, rendering about 20,000 people homeless. The fire is caused by the explosion of dynamite in the storeroom of the Philippine Constabulary barracks.

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| April 20, 2021

1899 As head of Cebu’s revolutionary government, Arcadio Maxilom divides the island of Cebu into six zones, each commanded by a brigadier or a major general. 1903 Death of Judge Lynman J. Carlock, prominent American official and resident of Cebu.

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