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| October 18, 2020

1900 The American-owned Cebu Ice and Refrigerating Co., Ltd., near Recoletos Church, advertises in the Local papers that it sells “ice, soda, limonada, gingerale, zarzaparilla, and raspherry ade” at its plant. 1970 Death of Dr. Manuel Cuenco, former Governor of Cebu.

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| October 17, 2020

1902 Gregorio Aglipay proclaims the establishment of the Philippine Independent Church. 1933 The Philippine Legislature rejects the Hare-Hawes Cutting Law. Sergio Osmeña had worked for its acceptance in his running controversy with Manuel Quezon who was for the defeat of the HHC Law.

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| October 16, 2020

1907 Formal inauguration of the Philippine Assembly, with Cebu’s Sergio Osmeña as Speaker. 1916 In accordance with the provisions of the Jones Law, the Philippine Legislature meets for the first time. Manuel L. Quezon and Sergio Osmeña are elected as Senate President and Speaker of the House respectively.

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| October 15, 2020

Fiesta of Talisay, Cebu. 1566 The vessel “San Geronimo” straggles into the Cebu harbor after a difficult voyage from Mexico. The ship brings aid for the fledging Spanish settlement in Cebu. 1888 Inauguration of the Hospital de San Jose, an institution administered by the Sisters of Charity.

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| October 14, 2020

Death of Fr. Pedro de Agurto, the first Bishop of Cebu. 1943 Inauguration of the Japanese-sponsored Republic of the Philippines, with Jose P. Laurel as President.

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| October 13, 2020

Gabriel M. Reyes is formally installed as Bishop of Cebu. 1938 Sergio Osmeña is appointed by Manuel L. Quezon as head of a special economic mission to the United States.

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| October 12, 2020

1904 The Philippine Commission passes Public Act No. 1246 which, among others, appropriates funds for the completion of port facilities in the harbor of Cebu and for additional equipment for the Cebu quarantine service.

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| October 11, 2020

1892 Birth in San Nicolas, Cebu, of Piux A. Kabahar, noted Cebuano playwright and winner of the Rizal Pro-Patria Award in 1961. 1942 Kadaugan (1942-1943), resistance organ of Cebu published by Cipriano A. Barba, makes its appearance. 1978 President Ferdinand E. Marcos appoints Dr. Florentino Solon as Mayor of Cebu City.

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| October 10, 2020

1935 The Philippine Commission passes Public Act No. 4244 which declares the Junior College of Cebu as a permanent branch of the University of the Philippines. 1966 Death of Filemon Sotto, distinguished Cebuano publisher and Senator of the Philippines.

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| October 9, 2020

Fiesta of Naga, Cebu. 1902 Civil Governor William H. Taft reinstates Florentino Rallos as municipal president of Cebu after the latter had been suspended on the charge of having assaulted the Spanish consul. 1934 Manuel C. Briones, Filemon Sotto, and five other delegates to the Constitutional Convention are appointed as the Committee of Seven to […]

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