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| June 20, 2022

1899 Arcadio Maxilom issues a circular to the town heads of northern Cebu urging them not to recognize American sovereignty. He says that within 72 hours after occupation by American forces, the town councils should present to the American commander in Cebu City an “energetic and manly” protest against the illegal occupation. Copies of the […]

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| June 19, 2022

1861 Birth in Calamba, Laguna, of Jose Rizal, the national hero. 1897 It is cited that on this day the Katipunan was organized in Cebu by prominent San Nicolas residents like Candido Padilla, Teopisto Cavan, and others.

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| June 18, 2022

1898 Emilio Aguinaldo issues a decree providing for the establishment of municipal governments under the Philippine Republic. This is carried out in Cebu late in the same year. 1949 Republic Act. No. 420 grants the “Opon Electric Services Co.” a franchise to operate an electric light, heat, and power system in the municipality of Opon. […]

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| June 17, 2022

1595 The Spanish King, Philip II, issues a royal decree granting to Cebu the title of a city. 1865 Birth in Barili, Cebu, of Cebuano priest-writer Ismael M. Paras (1865-1935). 1899 Santiago Ferraris, presidente of San Nicolas, presents to Col. R.H. Hamer a letter of the town council protesting the American occupation of San Nicolas. […]

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| June 16, 2022

1834 A bishop’s decree confirms the erection of Malabuyoc as a parish. Its patron saint is San Nicolas de Tolentino. 1851 Carmen and Tabogon are established as parishes. 1899 The town of San Nicolas is occupied by the Americans. 1901 The first issue of Ang Suga (1901-1912) makes its appearance. Published and edited by Vicente […]

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| June 15, 2022

1863 A Royal decree establishing Compostela, Cebu, as a parish, thus separating it from the jurisdiction of Danao. Its patron saint is Santiago Apostol.

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| June 14, 2022

1899 A battalion of Tennessee Volunteers is dispatched from Iloilo to help in the pacification of Cebu. 1938 The Cebu Provincial Capitol Building, designed by Juan M. Arellano, is inaugurated by Manuel L. Quezon during the incumbency of Governor Buenaventura Rodriguez.

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| June 13, 2022

Fiesta of Tuburan, Cebu. 1894 Birth in Pinamungahan, Cebu, of Antonio R. Kyamko (1894-1936), prominent Cebuano journalist and stage artist.

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June 12

| June 12, 2022

Independence Day Fiesta of Toledo City 1829 The parish of Naga, Cebu, is established and placed under the patronage of San Francisco de Asisi. It is separated from the parish of San Nicolas. 1898 Philippine Independence is proclaimed in Kawit, Cavite. 1948 Republic Act No. 244 is approved, providing for the position of Vice-Mayor of […]

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June 11

| June 11, 2022

1580 Bantayan, Cebu, is created as a parish by virtue of a definitory. Its patron saint is San Pedro Apostol.

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