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May 9

| May 9, 2024

1885 A bishop’s decree confirms the erection of Asturias, Cebu, as a parish. It was created by royal decree on Jan. 30, 1885. Asturias was thus separated from Balamban.

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| May 8, 2024

Fiesta of Mandaue City 1565 Miguel Lopez de Legazpi establishes the Spanish settlement of Cebu as “Villa de San Miguel.” Ground is broken for a triangular fort and sites marked off for Spanish quarters and a church. 1878 Birth in Dumanjug, Cebu, of Dionisio Jakosalem (1878-1931), lawyer, journalist, Cebu governor, and Secretary of Commerce and […]

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| May 7, 2024

1827 A Spanish expedition, which includes 1,100 Cebuanos, leaves Cebu for Bohol to suppress a rebellion in the towns of that province.

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| May 6, 2024

1942 Corregidor surrenders to the Japanese forces. 1952 The Cebu Workshop, a civic organization of women in the local foreign community, is founded.

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| May 5, 2024

1892 Birth in Argao, Cebu, of Agustin Y. Kintanar, lawyer and Cebu congressman. 1902 Troops of the 29th U.S. Infantry arrive in Cebu to help garrison the province. 1905 The Philippine Commission passes Public Act. No. 1343 extending the deadline for the payment of cedula and land taxes in the province of Cebu in view […]

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| May 4, 2024

Fiesta of Pinamungahan, Cebu. 1899 Julio Llorente, presidente of Cebu, warns the people that they are not to furnish money or food to persons in the military service. He also informs Arcadio Maxilom that the latter’s office had been abolished. These moves are part of the leadership struggle between the insurgent Maxilom and pro-American Llorente.

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| May 3, 2024

1919 The first issue of The Freeman, a Cebu English-Cebuano newspaper published by Paulino Gullas, comes out. It lasted until the eve of the Pacific War, was revived as a weekly magazine in 1965, and became, in 1969, a daily English newspaper.

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| May 2, 2024

1915 The first issue of Nueva Fuerza (1915-1941), published and edited by Vicente Rama, comes out. Its Cebuano section is called Bag-Ong Kusog. 1947 Death of Nicolas Rafols (1894-1947), Cebu congressman, poet and novelist.

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| May 1, 2024

LABOR DAY 1521 The remnants of the Magellan expedition hurriedly leave Cebu in the wake of the death of Ferdinand Magellan in Mactan and the attempted massacre of Spanish crew members by Cebuanos. 1913 The first issue of Kauswagan (1913-1915), a Cebu newspaper published and edited by J.R. Flynn Anderson, hits the streets.

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| April 30, 2024

1937 For the first time, Filipino women are allowed to vote. The occasion is a plebiscite on women’s suffrage.

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