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| August 4, 2020

1900 The residents of Tuburan, Cebu, through their junta popular, file a formal protest against the occupation of their town by U.S. troops. 1953 Death of Juan R. Quijano (1882-1953), Aglipayan Bishop and prominent Cebuano writer and publisher.

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| August 3, 2020

1900 The residents of Liloan and Tabogon, through their respective town councils, register a formal protest against the American occupation of their towns. 1940 Jose Delgado assumes the mayorship of Cebu City, succeeding Vicente Rama. Delgado remains mayor until April 10, 1942, when he is succeeded by Juan C. Zamora, Japanese occupation mayor of Cebu.

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| August 2, 2020

1836 A Bishop’s decree confirms the erection of Talisay, Cebu, as a separate parish.

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| August 1, 2020

1904 An armed encounter takes place in Sudlon between the Filipino-American constabulary and the pulahanes. (Pulahanes were an irregular movement of social rebels and anti-American insurgents in the early 20th century). Fifty pulahanes were reported killed. 1944 Sergio Osmeña, Sr., succeeds to the presidency of the Philippine Commonwealth upon the death of Manuel L. Quezon. […]

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July 31

| July 31, 2020

1737 Death of Bishop Manuel Ocio de Ocampo, bishop of Cebu in 1733-1737. 1832 A bishop’s decree confirms the erection of Sogod, Cebu, as a parish under the patronage of Santiago Apostol. A royal decree created the parish of Sogod on June 8, 1832.

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July 30

| July 30, 2020

1860 A Spanish royal decree creates a customs house in Cebu. This also marks the official opening of the port of Cebu to international trade. 1900 Residents of Mandaue, through their town council, register a formal protest against the American occupation of their town. 1907 Members of the First Philippine Assembly are elected. Among those […]

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July 29

| July 29, 2020

1880 Birth of Jose Alonso, Asturias municipal president and representative of Cebu’s 7th district to the Philippine Assembly. 1932 Gabriel M. Reyes of the secular clergy is appointed as the first Archbishop (and 21st Bishop) of Cebu. 1944 Japanese troops raid the town of Mambaling and effect arrests and massacre of civilians in what is […]

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July 28

| July 28, 2020

1900 The residents of Borbon, Cebu, through their town council, file a formal protest against the American occupation of their town. 1952 The first issue of popular Cebuano magazine, Alimyon, comes off the press.

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July 27

| July 27, 2020

1873 Pantaleon Villegas, known as “Leon Kilat”, legendary leader of the revolution in Cebu, is born in Bacong, Negros Oriental. 1894 Birth in Barili of Pantaleon V. Kardenas, a leading pre-war Cebuano writer of poems and short stories.

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July 26

| July 26, 2020

Fiesta of Barili, Cebu. 1854 Tuburan, Cebu, is established as a parish by virtue of a royal decree. This is confirmed by a Bishop’s decree on February 13, 1857. 1900 The residents of the town of Santa Rosa register a formal protest against the American occupation of their town.

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