Uldarico Alviola

| April 9, 2015

Name: Uldarico A. Alviola
Pseudonym(s): Artagnan, Alvi, Sikatuna, M. Anabell
Date of Birth: July 4, 1883
Place of Birth: Cebu City


Uldarico A. Alviola is a writer and lexicographer born in Barangay San Roque, Cebu City. The “Dean of Cebuano Writers” started writing when he was 19. He wrote under the names Artagnan, Alvi, Sikatuna, and M. Anabell. He edited the papers El Nacionalista, Ang Suga, El Precursor, and El Respectador. His books include Felicitas, Ang Gugma sa Lalaki, Ang Gugma sa Babaye, and Gumaran sa Kinabuhi. In 1962, he was given a LUDABI award for his contributions to Cebuano culture. His literary works in English appeared in The Cebu Advertiser, Progress, The Star, and The Philippine Free Press. He also served as secretary of the municipal council and deputy governor of Cebu. Alviola lived until 1966.


  • Gugma sa Babaye (Bag-ong Kusog XXVI: 1-18 May 2-August 29, 1941)

Short Stories


  • “Dili Mahimo” (Bag-ong Kusog XX: 1 May 3, 1935 p. 26)


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