Sinakit sa Gugma | Flaviano Bocquecosa

| December 31, 2015

Sinakit sa Gugma

by Flaviano Bocquecosa

Aurora is a girl that suffers from leprosy, she lives with her mother Iyang Titay, and her dad is long gone. Due to her condition, she is not very much acquainted with the outside world because people in her community are afraid of leprosy being contagious. Her condition slowly subsided and she boarded a boat with people that have the same condition with her, without telling her mother, the boat led to a place called ‘Pulo sa Kasakit’. One day, during her stay in the island, she encountered a Spanish man that said in the crowd that leprosy is not contagious and people should open their arms to them in acceptance, and the Spanish man kissed a boy suffering from leprosy. She was inspired by the man and she went home during Christmas only to see her mother dying from a terrible illness; her mother was waiting for her, before she gave in to death. Time goes by, Aurora became a nurse to help people with sickness, she met Amando Constante and there began a spark of attraction and affection. Days go by, Amando said to Aurora that they will get married, but when the day of their marriage came Amando was killed in a tragic accident. Aurora was so devastated and cursed God about her misfortunes, after a while she committed suicide by drinking a lethal dose of poison.

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Contributed by: John Reyrani E. Cadeleña

Category: Pre-War Works