Sa Bung-aw sa mga Kasal-anan | Vicente Rama

| December 31, 2015

Sa Bung-aw sa mga Kasal-anan

by Vicente Rama

‘Sa bung-aw sa mga kasal-anan’ is a story about Venacio who likes to eat foreign foods instead of Filipino foods and is disrespectful to his companions, especially the priests Pari Clemente and Pari Toribio. One character in the story named Tansiyang served as a companion to Venacio, as she was told by their parents to look out for each other as if they were brother and sister. But then, they had a quarrel at a restaurant in Hong Kong because Venacio was being rude to the priests. He even said to cook the priests.

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Contributed by: Conne Fate Cagalitan

Category: Pre-War Works