Paglangoy sa Kinabuhi | Sulpicio Osorio

| December 31, 2015

Paglangoy sa Kinabuhi

by Sulpicio Osorio

Rumors about a ‘man in fire’ has been roaming around the town where Iyo Teban and Iya Ponsay lived. The townspeople have been suspecting that the said ‘man in fire’ is Iyo Teban whose death was sudden. People are doubting if the said creature is true. Those who have seen it is firm, taking stand on what they saw. While some people are discussing whether it’s true or not, some are arguing whether the fire is really the ghost of Iyo Teban or just a reaction produced by gasses according to science. On the other hand, some people in the nearby stores are discussing on how Iyo Teban and Iya Ponsay have lived their lives here on earth.

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Contributed by: Guinto Osorio

Category: Pre-War Works