Natalio Bacalso

| April 9, 2015

Name: Natalio B. Bacalso
Pseudonym(s): Talyux
Date of Birth: 1908
Place of Birth: Pardo, Cebu City


Natalio Bacalso, whose pen name was Talyux, was born in Pardo, Cebu City in 1908. He excelled not only in literature but also in cinema, radio, and politics. He was editor of Bisaya and Lamdag and publisher-editor of Tabunon. With Fausto Dugenio, he published a collection of stories, Cadena de Amor. Some of the movies he directed are Mutya sa Saging Tindok, Salingsing sa Kasakit, Magdalena, and Alimatok. He was FAMAS film awardee. Bacalso worked for a radio commentary program and was dubbed as Cebu’s top radio commentator. He was also a ranking official in the Malacañang Press Office. In 1972, he was one of the Constitutional Convention delegates.



  • Kapitan Maldong (Bag-ong Kusog XX: 34-48 January 3, 1936-April 10, 1936; XXI: 15-39 August 21, 1936-January 29, 1937)

Short Stories

  • “Don Luis” (Bag-ong Kusog XXII: 8 June 25, 1937p. 18)
  • “Inadlawan sa Buta—Tingog sa Biyolin” (Bag-ong Kusog XV: 41 February 6, 1931 p. 7)
  • “Iyo Basyo” (Bag-ong Kusog XV: 10 July 4, 1930 p. 6)
  • “Lucrecia” (Bag-ong Kusog XIX: 17August 24, 1934 p. 15)
  • “Pablito” (Bag-ong Kusog XOX: 20 September 14, 1934 p. 12)
  • “Pinaskohan ni Biyay” (Bag-ong Kusog XIX: 33 December 25, 1936 p. 30)


  • “Kang Hesus” (Bag-ong Kusog XXI: 33 December 25, 1936 p. 3)


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