Mga Tinutob nga Mihungaw | Sulpicio Osorio

| December 31, 2015

Mga Tinutob nga Mihungaw

by Sulpicio Osorio

The main characters, Badong and Anas, were the best rowers in town, until Badong suffered a shoulder injury when he fell from the branch of a kamunggay. Weeks after the incident, Badong felt his shoulder had already healed. Anas, then, asked him to join another sea race competition which Badong agreed immediately. On the day of the race, many people attended to witness the race and just like most races, people chose which team they bet on. One of the audiences was a girl named Lucy, whose father had staked a big amount of money for Badong and Anas’ team. She knew Badong and Anas very well and she’d witnessed how good they were as a team which gave her the confidence that they will win the race. The race finally began and people cheered for the team they bet on. As expected, Badong and Anas were on the lead and the shouts of people became even wilder as they near the finish line. What was unexpected for everyone in the race was when Badong stopped from rowing before reaching the finish line. He couldn’t row for the pain of his shoulder injury had gotten worse and prevented him from rowing. The crowds’ cheers turned to boos and curses and disappointments as they watched Badong and Anas’ bangka decreased in speed. Anas was the only one rowing and he felt like he was betrayed by Badong and called him surambaw (traitor). The race ended with a tie, and people, including Lucy, thought that Badong was a traitor. However, Badong immediately went to the healer Arsin to have his shoulder mended and Lucy felt a sense of guilt welling inside her, for she was the reason why Badong had gotten his shoulder fractured in the first place. She immediately went to Arsin’s place but what she was about witness was beyond the things she had ever imagined.

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Contributed by: Mae Abegail O. Mercado

Category: Pre-War Works