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| December 31, 2015

Mahay sa Bukidnon

by Uldarico Alviola

There were two young men named, Isyong and Kolas, who lived in a far away mountain of Cebu. They have different cultural views and interests in life but even if they differ from each other they were still good friends. Kolas was good at Cebuano writings and culture while Isyong likes to learn the English language. They may have different views but they liked the same girl and her name was Anday. One day, the two young men courted Anday and ask her hand to marry one of them. But Anday’s father, To-Biloy, was a practical man who wanted a rich husband for his daughter. So he decided to challenge the suitors, he told them that whoever gets a job in the city will surely marry his daughter. Isyong and Kolas went to the City of Cebu just to apply for a job. And unfortunately, Kolas did not make it because the application form was written in English and must be answered in English as well. Kolas gave up and went to their barrio and Isyong was delighted because he was very confident in this language. After how many days, Isyong went back home and ask the hand of Anday. To-Biloy was happy knowing that the husband of his daughter was a man with a job and money to sustain his beloved daughter. On the day of their wedding, the people in the barrio was celebrating and dancing while Kolas did not attend and tried to escape from the event. He went to the top of the mountain and there he released his all bad feelings. He then uttered this statement, “it is sad that people nowadays did not love their own culture and language and try to adapt other customs.”

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Contributed by: Tara Chen Ong & Fransvil Ursonal

Category: Pre-War Works