Kaniya Gibuhat Ang Iyang Gibuhat | Vicente Garces

| December 31, 2015

Kaniya Gibuhat, Ang Iyang Gibuhat

by Vicente Garces

After failing to finish his education, Iloy is filled with great regret for his blunder. Girls became his Achilles’ heel, just like any other teenager who was at the peak of his youth. His view of girls changed later on and he decided that if a girl was the cause of his downfall then it would also take a girl to save him from it. He looked for a partner with great wealth, seeking a comfortable and luxurious life. He then married Rosal, a rich woman which he left after robbing her of her wealth later on for her beauty began to wither as years passed by. Iloy started a new life with his new wife Koring, far away from Rosal, but karma catches up with him and he experiences the same thing as what he did to his previous wife.

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Contributed by: Jan Kentrex Chua Palalay

Category: Pre-War Works