Gugma sa Inahan | Vicente Sotto

| December 31, 2015

Gugma sa Inahan

by Vicente Sotto

Gugma sa Inahan, beautifully written by Vicente Sotto, is a story about a young man, Titoy, who willfully wants to marry a well-off, daughter of a barangay captain in a town in Sugbo, and that is Mina. But his ill mother would not want him to marry Mina in the line that Mina, the love of his life, grew up with a silver spoon, and Titoy, a commoner, got nothing but his love for Mina. Titoy did not listen to his mother and follow his heart’s desire, instead. Unfortunate circumstances had happen to him and it had let him realize in the end that mothers really know best.

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Contributed by: Mikko Bayo

Category: Pre-War Works