Gugma! | Florentino Tecson

| December 31, 2015


by Florentino Tecson

The story is about Lucing, a woman of great beauty, who wanted a suitor that would make her feel special. Despite of the beauty she possesses, Lucing wondered why nobody came to visit her. Ninong, a boy who works at Lucing’s house was trapped by his love for her. However, he cannot bring himself to confess since everybody knows that Lucing was only for rich and handsome men. But as time pass by; his feelings for Lucing grew stronger. And so, he decided to move and stay away from Lucing to a quiet place far from the noisy community. Yet one afternoon, when Ninong was alone in his hut, Lucing comes to him and asks if he ever loved her. Ninong tells the truth and they lived happily, cherishing their love.

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Contributed by: Yan Yu Zeng

Category: Pre-War Works