Gipanumpa sa Pasipala ang Ngalan ni Bathala | Vicente Garces

| December 31, 2015

Gipanumpa sa Pasipala ang Ngalan ni Bathala

by Vicente Garces

Constant (Constantine) and Amalia pledged their love in front the big crucifix with Bathala as their witness and also with a necklace. After sometime, Constant returned to find a changed Amalia, who seem to have broken their pledge or oath and simply laughed him off at the thought of suicide for love sakes. Shortly after Constant was dead and forgotten and Amalia’s day of marriage with another man named Ricardo was fast approaching. Amalia had lost the necklace, and during the night she was disturbed by a voice and apparition who told her where to find the necklace. In the morning, she looked for the necklace in the altar with the big crucifix. She found the necklace which brought her joy, but she immediately fell as a nail was bent and suffered an incident with the big crucifix injuring her face and shedding lot’s of blood. The marriage was stopped as Amalia was sent to the hospital. The incident had deformed her face that shortly after Ricardo had cancelled their marriage. Then on Amalia was said to have become insane as she broke all the mirrors where she saw her face. Eventually, Amalia was hanging dead from a branch of a tree, the very same place where Constant had died.

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