Gihagit Mo Ba Ako | Angel Enemecio

| December 31, 2015

Gihagit Mo Ba Ako

by Angel Enemecio

The poem “Gihagit Mo Ba Ako” denotes of the emotional involvement of the writer towards his dreams and passions. The writer is utterly zealous about playing the guitar and singing—skills he has greatly honed, valued and treasured. However, he came to a point where he just wanted to turn away from and let go of his dreams. His doubts and the disarray of his thoughts kept him thinking that his dreams will only ever linger as dreams, stuck from mounting into reality. But one night, while he was sound asleep, a voice spoke, challenging him to walk through a journey with his guitar and his writings—to prepare and prepare because he might never know where his dreams, brought about by his skills and talents, can take him.

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Contributed by: Brignas Cotejar

Category: Pre-War Works