Cornelio Faigao

| June 1, 2011

Cornelio Faigao

Cornelio Festin Faigao was born on March 31 1908 in Jones, Banton Island, Romblon. He obtained his Masters Degree in Englishfrom the University of San Carlos, 1951. His law degree was obtained at the Visayan Institute, 1939. His undergraduate degree was a BA in Education from the UP in 1931

He worked as editor both for the Cebu Daily News and Southern Star and was President of the Cebu Press Club. He published poetry and criticism. In 1954 he received a Smith-Mundt travel grant to the United States.

His books are Song of Freedom (1946) and The Song of the Hos-Katting (1936). The Faigao Workshop is named in his honor.




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