RSSToday in the History of Cebu


| February 25, 2023

1899 The first American ground troops, a detachment of 50 soldiers from the steamship “Boston”, arrive in Cebu to help secure American rule in the provinces. 1964 Death of Mariano Jesus Cuenco, Philippine Senator and long-time political kingpin of Cebu.

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| February 24, 2023

1863 A royal decree reestablishes the parish of Toledo. It was originally the parish of Jinulauan. 1905 Philippine Commission passes Republic Act. No. 1303 granting Martin M. Levering the franchise to install, operate and maintain an electric light, heat and power supply system in Cebu. Levering, Arlington Pond, and partners later sold the franchise to […]

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| February 23, 2023

1899 Capt. Charles C. Cornwell, commander of the American gunboat “Petrel”, hoists the American flag up the staff of the Government House in Cebu City. This marks the formal occupation of the City of Cebu by the Americans.

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| February 22, 2023

1899 Cebuano leaders under Luis Flores surrender “under protest” the City of Cebu to the Americans. At 8:00 in the morning, Pablo Mejia, representing the Cebuanos, hands the document of surrender to the commander of the American gunboat “Petrel”.

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| February 21, 2023

1871 A bishop’s decree confirms the erection of Consolacion, Cebu, as a parish. 1899 At around 11:00 in the morning, the American gunboat “Petrel” docks in Cebu and signals the start of the American occupation in Cebu. On this day, the leaders of the Republic in Cebu meet to deliberate on what course of action […]

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| February 20, 2023

1952 Col. Ramon Enriquez takes over as commander of the III Military Area with headquarters in Cebu.

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| February 18, 2023

1911 Colegio de San Carlos, known as the oldest school in the country, is formally incorporated.

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| February 17, 2023

1872 Fathers Burgos, Gomez and Zamora are executed in Bagumbayan. 1923 Death of Tomas R. Baguio (1885-1923), native of Cordoba, Mactan, and prominent poet and journalist.

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| February 16, 2023

1901 Pantaleon del Rosario, revolutionary leader, acknowledges receipt of reports of the wavering of patriotism among the principal residents of Carcar: “they appear about to give way to their discouragement and finally recognize American sovereignty.” Among others, del Rosario suggests the deployment of insurgent forces in the town to inspire inhabitants with respect for the […]

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| February 15, 2023

1897 General Adolfo Montero arrives in Cebu to assume the position of politico-military governor of Cebu. He succeeds General Celestino Fernandez Tejero y Mulet.

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