RSSToday in the History of Cebu


| December 30, 2021

1866 Birth in Pangil, Sta. Cruz, Laguna, of Anastacio Oclarino, one of the founders of the Katipunan in Cebu. 1896 Execution by Spanish musketery of Dr. Jose Rizal in Bagumbayan, Manila. 1941 The presidential inauguration of the Second Commonwealth takes place inside a Corregidor tunnel. Manuel Quezon and Sergio Osmeña take their oath as president […]

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| December 29, 2021

1898 Day-long festivities mark the formal takeover by the Republic of the government in Cebu. Prominent leaders of the Republic in Cebu are Luis Flores, Arcadio Maxilom, Enrique Lorega, Alejo Miñoza, and others.

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| December 27, 2021

1891 Birth of Fortunato U. Borromeo, Cebuano Justice.

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| December 27, 2021

1886 Birth in Ronda, Cebu, of Juan II Villagonzalo (1886-1914), prominent turn-of-the-century journalist and writer. 1891 Birth in Argao, Cebu, of Juan Alcazaren, Cebu congressman for three terms.

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| December 26, 2021

1898 After the Spanish withdrawal from the city, the army of the Philippine Republic enters and occupies Cebu. Pablo Mejia, head of the committee to whom the Spaniards had turned over the government after their withdrawal, hands over to Luis Flores, head of the revolutionary forces, the reins of government.

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| December 25, 2021

CHRISTMAS DAY 1942 From their headquarters in the field, James Cushing and Harry Fenton, leaders of the local resistance against the Japanese, issue a leaflet in the form of a Christmas prayer asking the Lord: “…lead us by Thy flaming sword, oh Lord, to fight Thy battle…Lend Thy shield and Thy armor to the gallant […]

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| December 24, 2021

1898 Spanish rule comes to an end in Cebu. In the afternoon of this day, the Spanish flag is lowered from the mast of Fort San Pedro. The Spanish Governor delivered by Pablo Mejia, Spanish troops and residents are then evacuated to Zamboanga. 1956 Death of Vicente Rama (1887-1956), writer-publisher, Cebu City Mayor and Cebu […]

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| December 23, 2021

1901 Birth in Danao, Cebu, of Ramon Duterte, Mayor of Cebu City (1957-1959). 1941 Manuel Quezon, Sergio Osmeña, and other top Philippine officials are evacuated from Manila to Corregidor on orders of General Douglas MacArthur.

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| December 20, 2021

1901 The Philippine Commission passes an act on December 20, 1901, restoring civil government in the province of Cebu, to take effect on January 1, 1902. 1934 Death of Juan P. Gorordo, Bishop of Cebu.

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| December 19, 2021

1899 The 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 19th U.S. Infantry arrive in Cebu to help in the “pacification” drive of the American occupation.

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