RSSToday in the History of Cebu


| January 22, 2021

1944 Col. James Cushing is officially recognized as Commanding Officer of the Cebu Area Command in the guerilla organization against the Japanese. It is long-delayed recognition owing to operational misunderstandings and communication problems with the U.S. command in Australia.

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| January 21, 2021

1869 Birth in Cebu, of Fructuoso Ramos who was first elected mayor of Cebu City in 1916. 1946 Sergio Osmeña, Sr., accepts nomination by the Nacionalista Party as the party’s candidate for President of the Philippines.

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| January 20, 2021

Fiesta of Borbon, Cebu. 1734 Manuel Antonio de Ocio y Ocampo of the secular clergy is appointed as the 8th Bishop of Cebu. 1852 A decree of the Bishop establishes Moalboal as a parish, separating it from Badian. 1877 Nueva Caceres, Cebu, is erected as a parish.

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| January 19, 2021

1846 Dominican Romualdo Gimeno is appointed the 16th Bishop of Cebu. 1858 San Fernando, Cebu, is established as a parish, with San Isidro Labrador as patron saint.

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| January 18, 2021

1917 Dionisio Jakosalem is appointed as Secretary of Commerce and Communication in the Philippine Cabinet. He is reappointed to the same position in 1920.

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| January 17, 2021

1898 Birth in Dalaguete, Cebu, of Cebuano writer Sulpicio Osorio (1898-1970), novelist better-known as “Sulposor.” 1946 The new municipal board of Cebu assumes office. Members are Honorato Hermosisima, Cecilio de la Victoria, Florencio Urot, Juan Zamora, Florentino Tecson, Ramon Abellanosa, Numeriano Estenzo, and Alfonso Frias.

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| January 16, 2021

Fiesta of Santa Fe, Cebu. 1888 Birth in Carmen, Cebu, of Mariano Jesus Cuenco (1888-1964), lawyer-journalists who became Cebu congressman, governor, and Philippine Cabinet member and Senate Preisdent. 1895 Birth in Talisay, Cebu, of Priscillo A. Campo, a leading Cebuano poet better-known by his pseudonym, “Bukidnon.” 1900 General Arcadio Maxilom issues a decree ordering a […]

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| January 15, 2021

1900 Revolutionary leader Pantaleon del Rosario writes to guerilla chief Emilio Verdeflor informing him of the American capture of Sudlon and relaying word that General Maxilom has ordered a shift from open battle to guerilla warfare and that the policy is to “harass the enemy without cessation.” 1945 Elements of the 7th U.S. Infantry Division […]

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| January 14, 2021

1878 Birth in Carcar, Cebu, of Maria A. Kabigon, popular Cebuano writer better-remembered as “Manding Karya.” 1893 The first issue of Boletin Ecclesiastico (1893-1898), founded by Bishop Martin Alcober, comes out. This is the second newspaper published in Cebu, after El Boletin de Cebu (1886-1898).

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| January 13, 2021

1922 The Cebu Portland Cement Company is incorporated under Philippine Laws with an authorized capital stock of 5 million pesos.

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