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| December 8, 2018 | 0 Comments

Fiesta of Tudela, Cebu. Fiesta of Madridejos, Cebu. 1861 Birth in Kalibo, Capiz, of Mariano Albao Cuenco (1861-1909), journalist, writer and candidate for Cebu Governor. He is the father of M.J. Cuenco, Jose Ma. Cuenco, and others. 1965 Death of Arcadio B. Ylaya (1886-1965), lawyer, publisher and editor.

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| November 8, 2017 | 0 Comments

1955 The first general elections for Cebu City Mayor and Vice-Mayor are held under Republic Act No. 1243. Elected is Sergio Osmeña, Jr., and Ramon Duterte as Mayor and Vice-Mayor, respectively. Elected councilors are Casimiro Madarang, Joaquin Panis, Carlos Cuizon, Osmundo Rama, Florencio Urot, Ceferina del Rosario, Pedro Clavano, Generoso Jaca, and Cecilio de la […]

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1568 The Portuguese siege of Cebu continues. A Portuguese force of four galleons, four galiots and two fustas has arrived in Cebu on October 2. When the Spaniards refused to heed the Portuguese demand to leave Cebu, the Portuguese blockaded the Cebu harbor and laid a siege that was to last until January 1, 1569.

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All Souls’ Day   1816 The Carreta Hospital, otherwise known as the Hospital de Lazarinos, is founded by Bishop Joaquin Encabo de Sopetran and put under the charge of the Recolleto.   1835 A Bishop’s decree confirms the erection of Catmon, Cebu, as a parish. It is separated from the jurisdiction of Danao.

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All Saints’ Day   1565 The people of Mactan continue to defy Spain. Legazpi sends an expedition which puts Mactan to the torch. The people of Mactan retaliate by raiding the Spanish settlement in Cebu and burning more than 20 Spanish houses.   1947 Death of Cebuano post-dramatist Jose D. Galicano (1887-19447).

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1665 Fr. Juan Lopez formally assumes the position of Bishop of Cebu. 1829 The Dagohoy rebellion of Bohol comes to an end. Cebuanos had participated in the Spanish suppression of the Boholano rebels.

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Fiesta of Alcoy, Cebu 1595 Augustinian Pedro de Agurto is appointed as Bishop of Cebu, the first to serve in this position. 1969 Mandaue is elevated to the status of a Charter City.

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Fiesta of Daan Bantayan 1740 Protasio Cabezas of the secular clergy is appointed the 9th Bishop of Cebu.

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Fiesta of Alcantara, Cebu Fiesta of Carmen, Cebu 1945 Lt. Gen. Tadashu Kataoka, commander of the Japanese 1st Division, surrenders his troops to Gen. William Arnold, Americal Division commander, in field rites held at Kilometer 82 in northeastern Cebu (in the vicinity of Borbon). This marks the end of the Japanese occupation in Cebu. 1956 […]

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1903 One of the early leaders of the Aglipayan movement in Cebu, Fr. Vicente P. Escalante, parish priest of Daan Bantayan, makes a formal retraction before Bishop Martin Alcocer in Manila. He signs the retraction on bended knees before the bishop and two witnesses.

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