RSSToday in the History of Cebu


| April 21, 2021

1956 A fire wipes out more than twenty blocks of residential homes and establishments in Cebu City, rendering about 20,000 people homeless. The fire is caused by the explosion of dynamite in the storeroom of the Philippine Constabulary barracks.

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| April 20, 2021

1899 As head of Cebu’s revolutionary government, Arcadio Maxilom divides the island of Cebu into six zones, each commanded by a brigadier or a major general. 1903 Death of Judge Lynman J. Carlock, prominent American official and resident of Cebu.

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| April 19, 2021

1900 Rizal’s widow, Josephine Bracken, now married to a Cebuano, puts up an ad in the local newspaper El Pueblo, announcing that she is giving lessons in English and German at her residence near Plaza Rizal. The ad identifies her thus: “Josephine Braecking de Abad, Profesora de Lenguas.”

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| April 18, 2021

1862 Birth in Barili, Cebu, of Juan P. Gorordo (1862-1934), the first Filipino Bishop of Cebu. 1877 Birth in Cebu, of Vicente Sotto (1877-1950), Philippine Senator who was regarded the “Father of Cebuano Language and Letters.” 1901 The Philippine Commission establishes civil government in Cebu and appoints the following provincial officials: Governor Julio Llorente, Secretary […]

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| April 17, 2021

1834 Malabuyoc, Cebu, is established as a parish by royal decree. It is separated from Samboan. 1901 The Philippine Commission under William H. Taft visits Cebu to look into peace and order conditions and ascertain whether civil government could be established in the province.

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| April 16, 2021

1898 A battle between Spanish soldiers and Cebuano insurgents takes place in the town of Tuburan, Cebu. 1899 Julio Llorente is elected provincial president of Cebu by a popular junta composed of representatives from 40 out of 58 towns in Cebu. He replaces Luis Flores. 1900 The maiden issue of Sergio Osmeña’s El Nuevo Dia […]

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| April 15, 2021

Fiesta of Bogo, Cebu 1900 A circus, “Circo Filipino,” opens at Teatro Junquera in Cebu. It is sponsored by Doña Carmen Carratala de Gandionco. 1948 Death of President Manuel A. Roxas at Clark Air Field in Pampanga. Elpidio Quirino succeeds to the Presidency.

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| April 14, 2021

1521 Rajah Humabon and his men are baptized as Christians. The ceremony begins with the planting of a wooden cross (a replica of which stands today in what is called Magellan’s Kiosk). In the afternoon of the same day, Humabon’s wife and other women are also baptized. On this occasion, Humabon’s wife (Juana) receives the […]

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| April 12, 2021

1945 Heavy fighting in the liberation of Cebu from the Japanese continues as Americans battle the Japanese in Mananga River Valley and in other points near Cebu City.

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| April 11, 2021

1899 Apolinario Mabini writes to Cebuano leader Arcadio Maxilom congratulating him on “your fixed determination not to accept the American yoke” and urging him to cultivate the support of the populace for the Republic. 1942 Justice Jose Abad Santos is captured by the Japanese in Carcar, Cebu. Later executed, he became one of the important […]

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