Book Launch: Hunger in Nayawak and other stories

| April 30, 2012

Booklaunch by the USC Press

This event is co-sponsored by the USC Cebuano Studies Center


June 2012

2:15 pm        Welcome by Jose Eleazar Bersales

2:30 pm        Introduction by Hope Sabanpan-Yu

2:45 pm        Comment by Trizer Dale Mansueto

3:00 pm        Response by Lamberto Ceballos

3:30 pm        Readings by Haidee Emmie Palapar, Josua Cabrera and Ernesto

4:00 pm        Book launch – Hunger in Nayawak and other stories – followed by

Master of Ceremonies:     Sam Harold Kho Nervez

About the book

Hunger in Nayawak

This anthology of prize-winning stories by Cebuano writer Lamberto G. Ceballos publicizes the culture, history, and concerns of Cebu while entertaining general readers. There are good stories in this collection. Here you will discover the past and future and alternate realities of Cebu, the devious ploys of men and the pervasive role of community. Why would an old man be called the “ungo” of Sanpilar? What has sacrifice got to do with foiling a fellowman’s poverty? How does Cebuano scientific fiction differ from that of other cultures? Where is Nayawak? These stories will provide an answer. There are things here to entertain you, and things to think about.


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