Anne Ug Lily | Vicente Rama

| December 31, 2015

Anne Ug Lily

by Vicente Rama

“Anne Ug Lily” written under the pen name of Datu Dakula, dated August 24, 1928. His article was published in one of the sections in Bag-ong Kusog news article, specifically found in the “Mga Sugilanon sa Bag-ong Kusog”. The story is about 3 orphaned siblings named Heraclio, the eldest son, Anne,16, and Lily who is 15. The story started with Heraclio’s lamentations about his life and with what had happened to his two younger sisters. In the story, as soon as Anne and Lily finished intermediate school, they then transferred to the city where they went to college which eventually changed Anne and Lily and their peaceful, ordinary lives and their personalities as well. They have experienced things in the city that are often new to the“probinsyanas or probinsyanos”, which eventually leads them to an unfortunate circumstance and also caused them their futures.

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Contributed by: Raymari G. Lugsanay & April Joyce Natad

Category: Pre-War Works