Ang Yawa | Pantaleon Kardenas

| December 31, 2015

Ang Yawa

by Pantaleon Kardenas

The mother usually looks for food for them (the mother and the son) to eat; however, one day, she was unable to do so since she was in pain due to her sickness. The son would be angry and violent to the mother every time there was nothing prepared for him. One night, the hungry son came home only to find his mother dead. He was unable to reciprocate the things and the love his mother had done for him, not even once, and, in fact, he was monstrous towards his mother. From then on, when people would see him strolling, they would run going to their houses and close the doors for the devil had come.

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Contributed by: Eric Gerald Gaanan & Inah Claire Perez

Category: Pre-War Works