Ang Masulob-ong Kaagi sa Gugma | Flaviano Bocquecosa

| December 31, 2015

Ang Masulob-ong Kaagi sa Gugma

by Flaviano Bocquecosa

Ramon Dominador is known to the people in his town because of his physical features. With his average height, manly and good posture, the women consider him their ideal man. Aside from women who adore Ramon Dominador, men also see him as a celebrity in their place. The men and gentlemen follow Ramon’s style. However, not everybody admires Ramon for who he is. Most of the married men view him with suspicion. One night, Arturo Callado, leader of “Recruiting Agency of Cuban Plantation Co.” and Ramon’s friend, gives him a warning to stop his flirtation with the married women. A fortune-teller has predicted that this kind of wrongdoing by Ramon will lead to his death. However, Ramon does not believe this prediction and believes that whatever happens, will happen. Not for a long time, Ramon is murdered by a married woman named Natividad Alga. She clarifies this incident that it is not her fault and that she defends her own self against Ramon’s lecherous acts which make the people, including the judge in the court, believe in her. However, with all the hopes that Natividad will win this case, a woman named Konsing shows up in the court with a letter. And just with that single letter makes the whole people astonish and shock. That letter will tell the story behind Natividad’s love for Ramon; her infidelity to her husband, and the story behind Ramon Dominador’s death.

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Contributed by: Kara Marie Z. Buenconsejo

Category: Pre-War Works