Ang Inahan Inahan sa gihapon | Florentino Tecson

| December 31, 2015

Ang Inahan, Inahan sa gihapon

by Florentino Tecson

One stormy day, an old woman, Iya-Minay, reminisces about the past of her beloved son Tasyo. Since, he was only seven years old when she parted from him to go to Manila to receive education. As the story goes, Tasyo, years later, a man of humble beginnings was able to finish school and was able to lead a good life. One good example would be his love, Lela, whom he treasured. They were soon about to get married when suddenly Lela, refused to come on their wedding day. The reason was that she wanted Tasyo to reconcile with his mother whom he had not acknowledged the other day. And so, Tasyo began to scour for his dear mother in Manila. When he found her, she was already in her death bed, dying. There, Tasyo begged for his mother forgiveness but Iya- Minay had already forgiven him long before he had sin or not. Then, she told Tasyo to go get his bride so she may be able to give her blessings to the couple before she dies. After all was said and done, Iya-Minay went with God fulfilled.

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Contributed by: Maureen Jimenea

Category: Pre-War Works