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| December 31, 2015

Ang Dungog Balaanon

by Uldarico Alviola

Amboy has a wife named Nenang. Nenang became the center of talk in Cebu because she was said to be Tiyago’s girl. Tiyago was a womanizer, who loves to seduced and have fun with women. Amboy, the husband of Nenang did not believe in these rumors about his wife’s affair, but when he saw Tiyago in Nenang’s house he immediately grabbed Tiyago and punched him. After that incident Amboy confronted to Nenang and he went out of the house puzzled. When he came home he got his revolver because he was planning to kill Nenang and Tiyago for ruining his honor and name.

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Contributed by: Tara Chen Ong & Fransvil Ursonal

Category: Pre-War Works