Academic Forum 5

| August 17, 2011

academic forum 5

The USC Cebuano Studies Center in cooperation with the USC College of Architecture and Fine Arts held an academic forum on Glocalization: Challenge to Heritage Preservation and Local History in the 21st Century last Thursday 25 August 2011 from 1-5pm at the Buttenbruch Hall of the USC Main Campus.

Glocalization is the meaningful integration of local and global forces, a way of combining the idea of globalization with that of local considerations.

The term “glocalization” independently developed from the Japanese “dochakuka” which meant global localization which evolved into a marketing strategy in the 1980s.

This multi-disciplinary forum showcased the recent responses to the idea of glocalization and their implications for enhancing collaborations and enriching cultural infrastructure between the academe, institutions, heritage groups and government sectors.

The forum also assessed the larger context of ongoing researches and initiatives, the role of cultural heritage in civic dialogue and the support for public interest in an exchange of ideas, information and strategies to advance glocal change.

Dr. Jocelyn Gerra, Executive Director of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) culture and heritage unit presented “Ay! Ayaw kog Pasagdi: Challenges to Heritage Preservation and Local History in the 21st Century.”

Dr. Erlinda K. Alburo, former director of the Cebuano Studies Center presented “Glocalization and the Writing of Town History.”

Archt. Melva Java, Director of the Conservation and Heritage Research Institute and Workshop (CHERISH) presented “The Greening of Historic Sites.”

From left to right: Sam Nervez, Dr Danilo Largo, Msgr Carlito Pono, Arch Joseph Espina, Archt Melva Java, Dr Hope Yu, Dr Joy Gerra, Dr. Linda Alburo, Fr. Sukino, Dr. Glenn, Br. Bela, Archt Maxwell Espina




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