Vicente Sotto Lecture 2021 November

| February 27, 2024

VSLS 2021 Judilla 2

Ang Manok ni San Pedro (1977, Arong Brothers) from Sound to Screen: On Adaptation, Principles, and Practice”
Denis Judilla

Originally written and directed by Marcos Navarro Sacol, the Cebuano radio drama “Ang Manok ni San Pedro” (St. Peter’s Rooster) was originally entitled “Ang Tawong Nakaadto sa Langit” (The Man who went to Heaven), then Esteban Escudero. When it was broadcasted in 1976, the radio drama became immensely popular with audiences, making its comedic lead Julian “Teban” Daan a household name. Because of its fame, the Arong Brothers produced a Cebuano-language film version, starring Julian Daan, in 1977 and it was commercially successful. Simultaneously, the King of Visayan Song Max Surban recorded “Ang Manok ni San Pedro” to song, the lyrics of which details the plot of the movie. This very song became the opening theme of an eponymous Tagalog-language TV show that was broadcasted nationally by IBC13 from 1986 to 1987. In 2013, Sacol revived the narrative and its cast of characters for an eponymous local TV series, a co-production of TV5 Cebu and IPI Pharmaceuticals. The lecture will elucidate on the principles and problems of screen adaptation, the creative derivation of a story or a work into a feature motion picture and television series, as observed in the case of “Ang Manok ni San Pedro” and its multimedia versions.

Date: November 27, 2021

Category: Vicente Sotto Lecture Series