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| July 7, 2011

The Center encourages Cebuano Studies by organizing, sponsoring, and assisting in seminars and workshops on issues and problems in this area. In tandem with the academic departments and other research units of its mother institution, it  holds exhibits and sponsors lectures, and prepares or makes available data and materials for classroom use.  It also maintains linkages with various local and national organizations – of government, professional associations, and NGOs — for the conduct of such educational activities. Together with the Department of History of its mother institution, it has managed the Graduate Certificate Program in Cebuano Heritage Studies launched in 2006. 

Towards the promotion of Cebuano culture and the arts, the Center acts as liaison office in the recognition of contributions of Cebuanos to culture and the arts through contests and awards.  Moreover, since 1984 it has held the annual Writers’ Workshop of Cebu in honor of the poet Cornelio Faigao, once  chair of the USC English department.  Offered free to deserving writers in both English and Cebuano, this was initially funded by the C. Faigao Memorial Fund and later by the Friends of the Center Fund. 

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