Hangtud sa Sala! | Escolastico Morre

| December 31, 2015

Hangtud sa Sala!

by Escolastico Morre

In this story there was a young man named Floro who was deeply in love with Luisa, Luisa on the other hand was a beautiful young lady and for Floro, Luisa has the prettiest smile in their town. Floro was so dedicated to Luisa, he is so determined to win Luisa’s heart but Luisa keeps on denying Floro, she ignores him and throws painful words at him. Luisa didn’t care what would Floro feel about her actions and then one day a boy knock unto Luisa’s door and gave her a letter, a letter from Floro. In the letter Floro states everything about her feelings for Luisa and all the pain he felt because of Luisa, Floro was so depressed and hopeless about the things that happened, Floro committed suicide because of his unmesurable love for Luisa.

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Contributed by: Sherielyn Ardena & Edda Shane Julia

Category: Pre-War Works