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| December 31, 2015

Gugmang walay paglubad

by Escolastico Morre

A story of a forbidden and tragic love affair, Escolastico Morre’s Gugmang Walay Paglubad was published on January 26, 1923. The short tale tells the story of poor a young man named Tomas, who fell in love with Teresing, a woman he had fawned over for quite a while. Three months after living under the same roof, Teresing read a letter from Tomas, which contained the man’s declaration of his love for her. After reading the letter and talking to Tomas, Teresing confessed her reciprocation of her feelings. Unfortunately for Teresing, her mother did not approve of such coupling. Badyong, a former suitor of hers, hatched a plan to get Tomas out of the picture. After setting his plan into motion, Teresing was set to become Badyong’s bride, much to the excitement of Badyong and Teresing’s mother, and dismay on Teresing’s part. After crying and lamenting on Tomas’s murder, Badyong confronted a crying Teresing and declared himself to be a much more suitable husband for her, insulting Tomas in the process. Disgusted by Badyong’s words and actions, Teresing rebuffed Badyong by giving him a scolding, cursing him for Tomas’s death while also denouncing him as a man and potential husband. Stunned speechless by Teresing’s words, Badyong left her alone.

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Contributed by: Sherielyn Ardena & Edda Shane Julia

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