Felix Sales

| April 13, 2011


Felix Sales was born on April 15, 1873 and died in the year 1962.

He became Business Manager of Ang Suga, a well-known Visayan newspaper.

He held the position of agent of the Sheriff of the Court of First Instance of Cebu for eleven years.

He became Chief of the Fire Department.

He wrote for the newspaper Ang Kagubut; he wrote on the spiritist meetings, Visayan verses under the pen-name Felixa Tell, and articles under his own name, Felix Sales.

He became head of the organization called Ang Dalangpanan sa Balangay sa Ermita, president of the diocesan committee of the Philippine Church, president of Los Hijos de Filipinas, and a member of Los Legionarios del Trabajo de Filipinas, Legion de Obreros Libres, Salin sa Katipunan, Tawong Gawas, and director for two years of the Kapunongan sa Espiritismo (Spiritism Organization).

He was the sole author of the book entitled Ang Sugbo sa Karaang Panahon (Cebu in Olden Times).

As a dramatist, he wrote a three-act play entitled Ang Pagdaug sa Ka Kristianohan or Ang Pagsakit kang Santa Lucia. (The Victory of Christianity or The Trials of Santa Lucia).

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