Flaviano Boquecosa

| April 9, 2015

Name: Flaviano P. Boquecosa
Pseudonym(s): F. Bok
Place of Birth: Dumanjug, Cebu


Well known to readers as F. Bok, Flaviano P. Boquecosa was born in Dumanjug, Cebu. He took up an Associated in Arts degree at Cebu Junior College. While studying law at the Visayan Institute, he taught in its secondary department. He started to write when he was still a teenager. He was editor of Bisaya and Lamdag. His novels Ang Palad ni Pepe and its sequel, Ang Anak ni Pepe were highly praised. Boquecosa also translated Anna Karenina, Jane Eyre, and Evangeline among others. He worked with the USIS in Manila and later became a resident of the United States. F. Bok died on September 29, 1957.


Short Stories


  • “Sulat nga Binuksan—ang Dilang Bisaya” (Bag-ong Kusog XXI: 18 September 11, 1936 p. 11)


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