Nasudnong Kongreso sa Pinulongang Sugbuanon: Mga Hagit ug Kaugmaon

The USC Cebuano Studies Center is proud to announce the Nasudnong Kongreso sa Pinulongang Sugbuanon: Mga Hagit ug Kaugmaon, to be held from May 23-24, 2014 at the Albert van Gansewinkel Hall, USC Downtown Campus.

This year’s congress will include a variety of speakers representing a wide range of expertise, expressing diverse views, and searching for common grounds that can inspire collaborations. In developing these relationships among ourselves, the role of Cebuano language is strengthened as we dialogue and listen in seeking solutions to the complex challenges in our midst.

Nasudnong Kongreso sa Pinulongang Sugbuanon 2014: “Mga Hagit ug Kaugmaon”

The congress provides a forum for the discussion, presentation of research and demonstration of teaching strategies in the teaching of Cebuano language in the K-12. It is a place to connect with like-minded teachers and scholars to learn about the current trends and developments in Cebuano language teaching.

We invite language educators, administrators and scholars to join us in this event as we share what we are doing individually, collaboratively and institutionally for the K12 program.

We look forward to seeing you at USC in May!