Latest Publications 2012

Launched under the Bunga: Cebuano Writers Series program were Hunger in Nayawak and Other Stories by prize-winning fictionist Lamberto G. Ceballos and Because Love is not Blind by the renowned late poet and short story writer Temistokles M. Adlawan.


     Hunger in Nayawak and Other Stories, published by USC Press, is translated by Trizer Dale Mansueto and Dr. Hope Sabanpan-Yu.

     Because Love is not Blind, published by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, is translated by multi-awarded writer, Merlie Alunan, and edited by Dr. Hope Sabanpan-Yu.


Lamberto G. Ceballos is a contemporary Cebuano writer who startedhis writing career from a humble poem, “Phantom of the Times,” which was published in 1967. After decades of diligent work, Ceballos has established himself as one of Cebu’s most prolific and original fiction writers. He has penned poetry and fiction and has won numerous literary awards such as the Gawad Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino prize, the Bathalan-ong Halad sa Dagang prize and the prestigious Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for the Cebuano short story.




Temistokles M. Adlawan is one of Cebu’s major fictionists.  Because Love  is Not Blind shows the range of his achievement throughout a long and notable literary career.

Adlawan has written poetry, short stories, and novels, on subjects ranging from the rural to the urban, from unpaved roads to office politics. His style varies from the colloquial irreverent manner of his highly humorous stories to the fluent imagery and poetic evocations in thought-provoking narratives. The stories are sometimes jovial yet always thoughtful.

      Some of his important stories from the late twentieth century are published here for the first time in book form.

     The Bunga: Cebuano Writers Series program of the USC Cebuano Studies Center is designed to increase the availability of Cebuano-authored books in both Cebuano and English.