Congress Chairs and Featured Speakers

Congress Chair

Dr. Hope Sabanpan-Yu

Dr. Hope Sabanpan-Yu is the director of the USC Cebuano Studies Center and Central Visayas coordinator of the National Commission for Culture and the ArtsShe is also a member of the Komisyon Probinsiyal sa Sinugboanong Pinulongan.

Dr. Darwin Goron

He finished his Bachelor of Arts in History (Cum laude) at the University of San Carlos (USC). He has degrees as well in Master in History, Master of Education, major in Filipino and Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management.

Mr. Goron had presented his papers at national seminars and workshops including the seminar entitled “Ang Nagpapatuloy na Inobasyon at Hamon sa Pagtuturo ng Filipino.”

He is currently the Coordinator of the Filipino Section in the Department of Languages and Literature (DOLL) of the University of San Carlos.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Nena Miñoza

Title: Implementasyon sa MTB-MLE

Dr. Nena Miñoza works in the Department of Education as Regional Coordinator of Araling Panlipunan and Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education coordinator.

Dr. Angel O. Pesirla

Title: Pagpalambu sa Pinulungan’g Sugbu-anung Binisaya

I. Ang mga Sistima’ng Linggwistika sa Sugbu-anun’g Binisaya
A. Punitika: Mga Paningug
B. Murpuluhika: Mga Pulung
K. Sintaktika: Mga Tudling
II. Ang Pagtudlu sa Pinulungan
A. Pangandam sa Pagsulat ug Pagbasa
B. Pagsugud sa Pagsulat ug Pagbasa
K. Pag-uswag sa Pagsulat ug Pagbasa
III. Ang Pagpalambu sa Pagmahal ug Paggamit sa Lumad nga Pinulungan

Dr. Angel O. Pesirla is a Professorial Lecturer at Cebu Normal University and a member of the Cebuano Language Commission of the Province of Cebu.

He acquired his Doctor of Education in Education Administration in the University of the Visayas. He has Post-Doctorates in Literature, Creative Writing & Drama (University of California at Irvine), Leader in Education (Indiana University), Linguistics and Literature (Siliman University), and Spanish Language and Culture (Universidad Internacional de Menendez y Pelayo).

He has authored textbooks in English and Linguistics both in the graduate and undergraduate programs. The latest of these textbooks is Ang Linggwistika sa Sugbu-anun’g Binisayâ, a textbook for Graduate Studies in Linguistics, published by Anvil Publication.

Jerry B. Gracio


Title: Ang Nasud sa Sugbo, ang Sebwano sa Filipino: Imagining the Nation and Forging a National Language thru K-12

The paper will survey the national and how the nation is imagined in select texts in Sebwano, specifically balac and plays which has been translated in Filipino and included in Philippine literary anthologies. It will suggest strategies whereby Sebwano could be preserved and promoted, vis-à-vis the national language, using the current K-12 curriculum, and in furtherance of the constitutional mandate to develop Filipino on the basis of existing and other Philippine languages.

Jerry B. Gracio was born in Tondo, Manila but spent his childhood in Nenita, Mondragon, Northern Samar, his mother’s hometown. He has won the Palanca for poetry, fiction, and screenplay; the Makata ng Taon 2005 by the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino; and the University of the Philippines Centennial Literary Prize. He is the author of two books of poetry, Apokripos and Aves, which both won the National Book Award by the Manila Critics Circle. His screenplays have received awards and citations from industry award giving bodies. His scholarly interests include Waray language and literature, local history, and popular education. He is currently headwriter for ABS-CBN and Commissioner for Eastern Visayas at the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino.

Erlinda K. Alburo


In reviewing children’s stories that might be used for the learning of Cebuano within the Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education Program of DepEd, this paper suggests the writing of original stories as well as the rewriting of local lore to fit the levels of learning of the children. Because the stories are multitasked not only to teach Cebuano but also values, both original and revised works must consider the linguistic peculiarities in phonetics, orthography, syntax and vocabulary of Cebuano; at the same time, the stories must teach values in an engaging style. Other considerations include sensitivity to class, gender and disability.

Erlinda K. Alburo
Board of Directors, Akademiyang Bisaya
Member, Cebu Language Commission

She is a poet, fictionist, literary critic, translator and editor. The former director of the Cebuano Studies Center, she was also Lecturer, Graduate Certificate Program in Cebuano Heritage Studies, since 2006-2007 and one of the 25 Women Achievers of Cebu (featured by SunStar Publications, 2007). She received the Outstanding Argaoanon (400th anniversary of the founding of Argao, Cebu 2008) and was Program Implementor, 2008 Best Research Program Award from CHED Region VII (for the Cebuano Studies Center).

Her poetry was included in the World Festival of Women’s Poetry (Library of Congress Exhibit, November 2008) and she also was Recipient, 1st Taboan Literary Awards (National Commission for Culture and the Arts), February 2010.

She is a Member, Board of Directors, Philippine Studies Association, elected 2003; Member, Provincial Committee on Cebuano Language, Culture and Arts of the Cebu Provincial Tourism and Heritage Commission, appointed 2006; Member, Women in Literary Arts-Cebu (vice chair 1991-1993, chair 1994-1996); Member, Board of Directors, Akademiyang Bisaya, Inc., appointed 2009; Founding Member, Creative Cebu Council, Inc., 2009 and Aesthetic & Pedagogical Director for Cebu, Lihok Bisaya Program of the NCCA as well as Commissioner, Cebu City Historical and Cultural Affairs Commission, 2010 to date.

Jes B. Tirol, Ph.D.

Title: Kabalisong sa Katilingbanon, Halamanon, ug Kabangkaaganon nga Panglantaw sa Sugboanon nga Binisaya
Metalingual, Social, Cultural and Educational Aspects of the Sugboanon Bisaya Language

Ang pinulongan adunay dakong gánoy sa pagmugnà sa halaman ug kinaadman sa katilingban. Kining maong lugdo magatutok sa kinaiya sa pinulongan nga Binisayà. Pagatukión ang kalahian niini talì sa ubang pinulongan sama sa Ininglis, Kinatsilâ, Tinagalog, ubp.
A language has a great influence in the development of the culture and knowledge of a society. This lecture will concentrate on the characteristics of the Sugboánon Bisayan language. It will deal with its differences with other languages like English, Spanish, Tagalog, etc.

Kining maong lugdo magatukî sa mosunod:
This lecture will deal with the following:

1. Ang gambalay ug batadílà sa Binisayâ ug ang iyang kalahian sa ubang pinulongan ilabi na sa Ininglis.
The structure and grammar of the Bisayan language and its differences as compared to other languages, especially the English language.

2. Ang hípli sa Binisayâ talì sa pagamit sa mga tingogán A, I, U ug ang mga kausaban nga gibuhát sa mga Katsilà. Sa hularán nga panitikán sa Binisayâ dilì tingogán nga mga titik ang A, I, U.
The nuances of the Bisayan Language regarding the use of the vowels A, I, U and the changes made by the Spaniards. In the original orthography of the Bisayan language, the letters A, I, U were not vowels.

3. Ang paggamit sa pipila laman ka pinilì nga mga langgikit gikan sa labaw sa upat ka libo (4,000) ka mga langgikit sa Binisayâ.
The use of some selected affixes out of the more than four thousand (4,000) Sugboanon Bisayan affixes.

Jes B. Tirol, Ph.D. is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Bohol, Tagbilaran City. He has lectured and presented research papers about Sugboanon Binisaya in provincial, regional, national, and international forums. He has taught “Sugboanon Binisaya” as a subject in college since 1998 to present. He has trained the school teachers of Cordova, Cebu in the use of Binisaya as medium of instruction in the Primary Grades (2 semesters, SY 2007-2008). He also received recognition as an Authority of the Sugboanon Binisaya language by LUDABI in the 1992 National Convention.

Mayor Adelino Baguio-Sitoy


Title: Ang Language Commission sa Probinsya

Mayor Adelino Baguio-Sitoy is the president of the Komisyon Probinsiyal sa Sinugboanong Pinulongan and the mayor of Cordova, Cebu. He is also one of the pillars of Lubas sa Dagang Bisaya (LUDABI), a national organization of Visayan Writers, and Visayan Academy of Arts & Letter (Akademiyang Bisaya). He is a lawyer by profession and was the first president of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Cebu Chapter from 1973-1975.

Lamberto Ceballos

Title: Pagpatik sa mga Basahong Pangbata


1. Alang sa kaugmaon ug pagtubo sa Pinulongang Sugbuanon, angay patikon ang mga basahong pangbata aron ang mga bata mahinasa kun makasinati giunsa pagsulat ang mga pulong nga ilang gisulti. 2. Langkuban ang mga basahong pangbata (children’s books) sa mga sugilanong pangbata (stories for children) ug binatang mga garay (nursery rhymes).3. Ang mga magsusulat nga mosulat sa literaturang pangbata (children’s literature) kinahanglan nga mogamit sa standard spelling nga ilang pagauyonan.

Lamberto Ceballos is a multi-awarded fictionist, poet, and essayist. He was past president and member of Bathalan-ong Halad sa Dagang (Bathalad). He has worked both as a certified public accountant and is currently editor of Sun.Star Superbalita.

Emmanuel ‘Anol’ Mongaya

Title: Mga Hagit sa Paggamit sa Pinulongan

Emmanuel ‘Anol’ Mongaya regularly writes columns for Sun.Star Cebu and Superbalita and submits occasional articles to the Union of Catholic Asian News (UCAN).

He manages the page “Maghisgot Kitag Politika, Bay” on Facebook where he features discussions and updates on the latest of what’s happening in Cebu. He also has blogs “In Between Columns” at and And he manages

Edgar Saldaña Godin


Title:Ang Binisayang Sinugboanon ug Ang mga Hagit sa Paggamit Niini Isip MI Sa Atong Mga Tulunghaan

Ginaingon nga ang pinulongan mao ang dugo sa kalag sa kultura. Niini, dayag na lang nga ang pinulongan importante kaayo isip behikulo sa pagkat-on sa kabataan. Ang pagkat-on magsugod diha sa pagbukas sa atong mga bentana aron pag-aninaw sa palibot ug dayon mosunod na ang pagpanglantaw sa unahan.Apan sa reyalidad sa atong katilingban, sukwahi ang nahitabo. Wala gamita ang atong lumad nga pinulongan isip MI sa atong mga eskuylahan. Ug tungod niini, may dakong gap nga mitungha. Mitubo sa iyang kinaugalingong paglambo ang pinulongan agad sa matag komunidad diin siya naglungtad. Mitubo og iyaha, nagpatuyang pagpananga—nga miresulta sa panag-iyahay nga halos di na gani magkasabtanay. Miresulta ni sa gitawag nakog “dili tupong natong panabot” isip mga Bisaya. Ug ning maong kamatuoran, asa nato ipasukad ang paggamit sa atong pinulongan aron mahimo kining epektibong behikulo sa edukasyon sa kabataan?Busa, tumong ning maong papel ang pag-utingkay, ug paghulagway unsa kining “dili tupong natong panabot” sa pamasin nga malikayan nato kining maong dakong hagit ug sa ingon hapsay nang maimplementar ang MTB-MLE pinasikad sa tinuod nga konteksto ug sensibilidad natong mga Bisaya.

Si Edgar Saldaña Godin natawo sa Bogo, Cebu apan didto na magdako sa Bugho, Loon, Bohol. Siya maoy kasamtangang Associate Editor sa Bisaya, ang mag-84 anyos nang magasing Binisaya. Mananaog siya sa daghang tigi sa sinulatay sama sa AIDS Media Award, sa Doña Modesta-Singson-Gaisano-Dagang Foundation Inc. Award, BATHALAD-Mindanao; lakip na ang prestihiyosong Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature niadtong 2008.

Joelyza Miguel-Arcilla, Ed.D.

Title: Pagpakitag Tudlo (Arts)

Joelyza Miguel-Arcilla, Ed.D. is the Principal IV of Lahug Elementary School, North District 3, Schools Division of Cebu City. She is also the Public Schools District Supervisor of North District 3. She is principal in the pilot implementation of MTB-MLE. She is a National Trainer of K to 12 and is a writer and contextualizer of Learners’ Materials and Teachers’ Guide in Grades 2 and 3.

Mrs. Raquel C. Solis

Title: Demo Lect MTB-MLE Grade 2

Mrs. Raquel C. Solis is the principal of Day-as Elementary School, Cordova District. She is also a National Trainer of MTB for Grade 2 and a National Writer and Contextualizer of MTB for Grade 3.

Rolando R. Morallo, Ph.D

Title: Kalamboan sa inisyatiba sa prensa sa dilang Bisaya

He is the first and current editor of Sun.Star Bisdak Magasin. He is also the pioneer editor of Features and Community section in Sun.Star Superbalita. He teaches part-time in Mandaue City College and is a member of Lubas sa Dagang Bisaya (LUDABI) and Bathalanhong Halad sa Dagang (Bathalad). He currently sits as a committee member of the Komisyon Probinsiyal sa Sinugboanong Pinulongan.

Mr. Ernesto Lariosa

Title: Mga Plano alang sa Kaugmaon sa Pinulongan

Ernesto Lariosa is a fictionist, poet and columnist of Sun.Star Superbalita. He received the the following recognitions: in 2003, Gawad Pambansang alagad ni Balagtas by Unyon Ng Manunulat sa Pilipinas; in 2013, NCCA Taboan Literary Award; in 2010 and 2013, Best in Cebuano Column Writing by Cebu Archdiocese Mass Media Awards (CAMMA).


  • Ma. Erlinda Braga
  • Rabi Grace V. Quimco
  • Niza D. Lirazan
  • Jessa Eve C. Remedio
  • Charlotte G. Ablen
  • Charlotte R. Lisondra
  • Synna Sheen L. Asperga
  • Roderick C. Villaflor
  • Rodrigo B. Davide
  • Jennifer N. Inez
  • Joanne Marisse P. Tan
  • Ronnie I. Andales
  • Mae Derby U. Babalcon
  • Raphael Dean B. Polinar