Registration ongoing at USC for the Diploma in Cebuano Heritage Studies

| July 11, 2019

The University of San Carlos Cebuano Studies Center is accepting students for the first semester for the Diploma in Cebuano Heritage Studies. The program provides cultural workers in public and private sectors with knowledge and skills needed for the identification, protection, management and presentation of cultural heritage and heritage sites.

Established in 2007, the Cebuano Heritage Studies is the first study program in Cebu to design its curriculum around cultural heritage reflecting diverse approaches to the concept of heritage, such as the link between culture and nature, between tangible and intangible values, or between conservation and development.

The program is based on a multi-disciplinary approach combining classroom discussions of theories with field practice through various academic fields. Through a belief that heritage can and should be understood and protected from a wide range of perspectives, the Cebuano heritage curriculum integrates the academic studies of literature, history, architecture, conservation, ecology, cultural geography, management, tourism, marketing, and beyond. It has a roster of widely recognized professors who are world-class leaders recognized for their distinct work and reputation in culture and heritage.

Applicants may be admitted if they are a graduate of any Bachelor’s degree; preferably in study areas relevant to the Cebuano Heritage Studies curriculum (Humanities, Social Sciences, Architecture, Art History, Environmental Sciences).

Classes are scheduled on weekends to accommodate working as well as out-of-Cebu enrollees to the program.

For more information on course offerings and other matters, please contact the program coordinator, Ms. Bea Martinez at or at or by phone at (32) 2300100 local 308.


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