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| September 17, 2015

The Bird

You are the summer of my winter
The spring in autumn
The brightest green grass
The dew drop covers fauna

A blue bird that wakes morning,
light that gives the sun dawn,
the voice of melody,
the muse who inspires all

Bird so merry, I envy who you are
captivating, free to fly freely
while I’m a captive
part of a wingless flock—
free on earth but worlds apart.

Ang ako lang na bantayan

Pan de Manila naa na sa eskina
Chow King, BDO, China Bank
duha to ka Caltex nag-atbangay sa una
Karon naa na Pavilion Mall
Gitukod sa karaan nga buwangan
duol na kau ma lakaw ra sa amoa
dali ra kaayo kahimo basta naay kwarta.

Ang dalan green ug batuon
na himo na asphalto ug gicemento
gikan sa Guadalupe hangtod sa Banawa
itom dalan gi agian sa awto ug jeep.

Karon ang Julies naa y nawong…
Ang bakante nga lote gilubong sa ako iro
karon nahimo na og hotel.
Wala pa nahuman , pero naa y nagpuyo .

Mao mga dagkong truck moagi sa amoa
Moputol og linya sa telephone, abog pa kaayo
dili pa molimpyo , unya dili pa sila mo ayo
kapoy ra baya og tawag og PLDT sa!
sige lang pa dagan—
dagko truck, awto, habal-habal,
padulong sa bukid,
padayon saka
adto sa mga balay sa agta.

Murbaag’s Tale

The sun rises, a promise of a new day comes
as the sky-dome runs red
blinding eyes as shadows descends.
Shadows of red and dark
war draws near and I am in the war-room
waiting for my master
sane enough not to run away.
For in those dark days, I was at his service.
What he commands I will do
and what I do is record on what he does
for I am a scribe his educated adviser,
yet somehow he knows more than me.
Who is this illustrious King Murbaag?
How did come to this knowledge
beyond his own time?
How did he know the ways of humans
in the realms of Earth,
let alone thrive in a strange land?
So I asked, the moment that we were alone
and all that heard us were the shadows and stone

So King Murbaag spoke:
“I remember the tall towers of Earth
each reaching the sky
as they were made for giants
but were all for purpose was to make
their small world to occupy all”

“I remember I first came to that city
Sent by a wizard, whose name I cannot say
I servered in order to observe and learn
from their ways, he told me
that I may return more wise
more learned than any orc before”

“Still it was stranger than I could describe
because Earth is strange
and they were all strangers to me
but I need to learn, I should learn to adapt
and one thing I mastered, sage, is blending.
When it comes to blending in
combing would do just fine—
something I learned from Superman.
And like Batman, I advise to walk at night—
none would suspect! for I have seen people
stranger after the sun sets.
Amongst them fine you will be
even if you have green skin.
For a clean suit will cover that,
some eyes glasses and nice shoes
and no one will ever see you as an orc.
In case if someone does perceive you, sage
you can always say you cosplay,
that will always work.”

“I manage to land a job in a call center,
soon after I settled on a flat
because in such jobs none will ever judge
or recognize other than your speech and staged-manners.
And it was their I observed their culture
their language of shortened words,
their tradition of taking pictures before meals,
their way of shouting their tragedies and everybody likes”

It is a strange world, Sage
where their icons of religion are cats.
A world where magic is an illusion
and wizards are set-up programs.
There was only little from what I understood
but at least I schooled myself at that time
took an online course on accountancy
from which I became a graduate
proficient and passed my engineering exam!
So that when I comeback from home
I’d be a prouder orc of the things I was taught
but what I applied is intrigued and sabotage
as you have know, It was I
who fooled our my former sire
to charge on to that cave without a candle
into the maws of the Shadow Dragon
then rigged that election like any fine politician
to fool a thousand more and become king.”

“Thus I answer your question, Sage
of how I came to be,
my days long before I was Orc King
my days of Earth,
my days as an orc in a foriegn city.”

Thus was his reply but I wanted more answers
And so I dare ask him again
“I never knew King Murbaag
That you have been to a place
Beyond any of your kin has ever seen
I never knew it was a strange place to be
Yet wondrous if I get the meaning of you words.
Perhaps one day I will go there
And see for myself, the places you have been”

“I have been…”
His words trailed and I am left unspoken
“From all the time I have been there
I never understood their ways
The grass is always green on the other side
the human always say. But I say it is not—
The grass has always been green
like the green of our skin, and I am glad.
For even though those human of Earth
have their technology,
with weapons that can out blast the greatest fireball
or a plane that flies higher than any bird
or internet that is more reliable than any oracle
I will none of that,
because Sage after all I have been through,
I know enough there is no greener grass than home.”

Armour 14

Meltas! Meltas! Meltas!
Falling from the sky
Armour 14 Die! Die! Die!
Your wicked plate like baked pie
scattering, ground, low, up, high—
piercing metal of the other guy,
who had nothing to try
but duck and cover!

Pie! Pie! Pie! In the sky!
Thundering morale Die! Die! Die!
Whispering tactics, murmured sighs
Hailing fates let it fly!
Roll one die run like forest
Then two die discard lowest
from holy weapons, bolter fire,
flak, meltabombs or grenade—
as war machines engaged,
no unit or sprue shall be saved
in the lightning battle
on table-top when blitz exist
in the cruel universe.

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